Feel Rested & Energized With Guilt-Free Self-Care

Get 3 simple self-care tools to help you uncover your biggest areas of need, determine your unique self-care style and create a flexible, guilt-free morning and evening routine so that you:

  • Start feeling better NOW.
  • Focus only on what works (and drop the rest worry-free).
  • Have an easy, go-to self-care routine that that can be done no matter how busy you are.

BONUS: You’ll also get 50 simple, quick ways to take better care of your body, mind and soul.

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Heather Moulder

Career + Success Mindset Coach

Tired of not having any time to take care of yourself (and feeling guilty whenever you take time for you, no matter how small)?

I understand (I used to be right there with you)…

Early in my legal career I found myself overwhelmed by a never-ending list of work projects, sleep deprived from repeated late night work sessions, and skipping meals while working through them.  And that was just my career obligations (I also had personal obligations to get to).

I believed that self-care was a luxury I didn’t have time for – especially if I wanted to achieve my career goals. 

But this lifestyle led to near-burnout.  That’s when I discovered that self-care wasn’t a luxury.  It’s a necessity.

Here’s the thing: taking care of yourself makes you better at work and home (and actually aids in your success).  And self-care done right can be simple, without big time commitments.

It’s dispiriting and depressing to feel like you must sacrifice your own happiness and health to achieve your career goals and dreams because there’s not enough time to get it all done.

That’s EXACTLY why I created the Essential Self-Care Toolkit, where you’ll learn to fit simple self-care into your life so that you can succeed both at work and in life (without burning out).

Through coaching with Heather, I’ve learned that taking better care of myself not only helps to relax and give me energy, but also gives my mind the ability to come up with more creative solutions to work projects.  I’m putting in less hours at the office yet am a better worker.

– Somer H., Attorney with an AmLaw 100 Firm

Coaching with Heather has helped me to feel much more grounded and aware of what I’m passionate about, what I need, and what I want for my life. I feel more free and relaxed.

– Pamela P., Educator

Heather’s 21-Day Self-Care Challenge helped me give myself permission to make more room for myself in a world that never stops takingThanks Heather for providing a space for me to learn about new ways to work on my self-care routines.

– Natalie W., Senior Sofware Developer


Heather is a mom, wife, cancer survivor, recovering attorney, and executive coach who works with smart, savvy professionals committed to their success and happiness.

Step-by-step, I help high-achieving professionals (like you!) create a balanced lifestyle doing work they love without sacrificing or settling. Through research-backed tools and techniques from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, we work together to uncover their path to fulfillment while increasing self-confidence and mental resilience so they can create success on their own terms.

Heather lives in Dallas with her husband and two high-energy, slightly mischevious boys. She absolutely LOVES helping her clients replace the unrealistic and overwhelm-inducing “you can have it all” mentality with a success-oriented mindset rooted in her client’s values and priorities.

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