Effective Leadership

Learn the skills and qualities you need for effective leadership so you can uplevel your career, your business and your life (while also improving performance, inspiring others and making a bigger impact).

5 Client Development Myths (Every Lawyer Needs To Drop)

Let’s talk about client development. That thing you know you should be doing more of yet can’t seem to find the time for (or just don't want to do because it feels too hard and/or overwhelming). It’s okay. Most lawyers regard client development as a necessary evil....

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Improve Your Leadership Skills (3 Unique Ways)

Leadership is a skill that’s cultivated (and then refined) over time. That’s true for everyone - even those born with natural leadership skills. But which leadership attributes are most important, where should you start and (more importantly) how do you improve your...

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What Makes A Good Leader (10 Essential Leadership Traits)

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and technology-driven business environment, good leadership isn’t just important…. It’s necessary. But what makes a good leader? Today, we’re covering the 10 essential leadership traits that are exhibited by effective leaders.

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Mindfulness For Leaders (Be A Better Leader)

Mindfulness for leaders is necessary for good leadership. As a leader, you're expected to lead by example, influence others and be nimble in the face of adversity. Which is where mindfulness comes into play. Because mindful leaders are more effective. A mindful leader...

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5 Traits of Genuinely Happy People (You Can Adopt Too)

Have you ever come across someone who's genuinely happy? No matter what’s going on in their life, they always seem to feel... content.  Satisfied. Fulfilled. Happy. Wise beyond their years, they’re calm even when life is chaotic. And handle whatever is thrown their...

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Want to Be Successful? Rethink How You Define Success

Want to be successful without sacrificing your health, relationships or happiness? Feel like you're working too hard for what you're receiving (and it's not really worth it)? You're not alone. I see this a lot in my clients (who are also high-achievers). And it...

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Five Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready

“All progress begins with a brave decision."  - Marie Forleo It will shock no one to find out that I’ve always been a planner.  An extreme planner.  And, although I’m familiar with the phrase “start before you’re ready”, I’ve never followed it.  Until recently.  For...

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