Effective Leadership

Learn the skills and qualities you need for effective leadership so you can uplevel your career, your business and your life (while also improving performance, inspiring others and making a bigger impact).

The Real Meaning Of Work-Life Balance (& How To Achieve It)

Does work-life balance always feel out of reach? Start by understanding the true meaning of work-life balance because you can't attain something you don't comprehend. And unfortunately, the typical definition of work-life balance doesn't actually work. Whether you...

Improve Your Leadership Skills (3 Unique Ways)

Leadership is a skill that’s cultivated (and then refined) over time. That’s true for everyone - even those born with natural leadership skills. But which leadership attributes are most important, where should you start and (more importantly) how do you improve your...

Unlocking Why Work-Life Balance Is Important

Before you give up on your work life balance dream, get clear around the reasons why work life balance is important.  Because understanding why work life balance is important isn’t just nice to know, but necessary for creating a balanced life.

What Breast Cancer Taught Me

Cancer changes you - which could be good or bad. But when you go through something like that, you can choose to learn some valuable lessons. Here's what breast cancer taught me. January 1st 2012... I was living the American Dream. Married to my college sweetheart with...

5 Mindset Strategies For Success And Prosperity

Today we’re covering 5 mindset strategies for success in both life and work. And we're focusing specifically on those strategies that will help increase stress resilience and improve your leadership skills. Because, although your mindset isn’t the only thing you need...

What Makes A Good Leader (10 Essential Leadership Traits)

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and technology-driven business environment, good leadership isn’t just important…. It’s necessary. But what makes a good leader? Today, we’re covering the 10 essential leadership traits that are exhibited by effective leaders.

Mindfulness For Leaders (Be A Better Leader)

Mindfulness for leaders is necessary for good leadership. As a leader, you're expected to lead by example, influence others and be nimble in the face of adversity. Which is where mindfulness comes into play. Because mindful leaders are more effective. A mindful leader...

Heather sitting at a table working

Hey there, I’m Heather.

Recovering lawyer. Leadership Coach. Business Strategist. Cancer Survivor.

Lover of queso and dark chocolate (plus all things Texas Longhorns) who’s on a mission to help purpose-driven professionals confidently create your next level of success + impact (while ditching stress, overthinking and people-pleasing for good).

My 18+ years in private practice while building a values-based, profitable business taught me that you CAN have a successful and fulfilling career without sacrificing your health, relationships or boundaries.

And I’m here to show you how.  So that you can achieve more of what YOU want (while doing less) and free up time for things such as family, friends, hobbies and (yes!) quiet time just for you.

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