Ready To Prioritize Self-Care Without Ever Feeling Like You Shouldn’t?

Inside this 7-day (just 15 minutes-per-day) challenge you’ll learn to reframe your approach to self-care and prioritize it, guilt-free.

✓ Get practical tips for how to effortlessly fit self-care into ordinary activities (you’re already doing).

✓ Discover how to carve out guilt-free bites of time that renew and reenergize you.

✓ Start a habit of simple self-care (that works) without filling your calendar with yet another thing.

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I have clarity about what’s a necessity for me to feel mentally and emotionally well. Before the Challenge, I felt pressured to do more and was hard on myself. But now I realize that I was already doing a lot and wasn’t giving myself credit for these things!

The Challenge gave me a new benchmark for where and how to step up my self care. It also helped me to better organize my day so that I can take proper care of myself.

Jessica K.

I’m more focused and energized thanks to the Challenge. It empowered me to give myself permission to slow down, yet speed up if that makes sense (I seem to be achieving more).

I recommend this Challenge to anyone needing to be reenergized (I’ve already shared it with friends).

Devila Vekria

Professional Skills Trainer

This Challenge was a game-changer for both my personal and professional life. As a result of the Challenge, I have a better understanding around what self-care is (and isn’t). And I have the tools needed to be more creative about how to get self-care into my life even when I feel like I don’t have the time.

I especially loved all the specific tips and examples that Heather gave – they were so helpful. I can’t wait to join future challenges that she offers.

Lorilei Cronin

Corporate Counsel, Commercial Metals Company

Hey there, I’m Heather Moulder

REcovering lawyer turned Lawyer Leadership & Business Coach

Host of the Life & Law Podcast

Five years into my legal career, I was burning out and questioning whether I was cut out for success in law. Fast-forward a couple of years and I was happily building my own practice in BigLaw. What changed?

I learned that the key to balanced success as a lawyer is to start from within. Because success is created from the inside-out, and it’s impossible to make the impact you want when plagued by emotional exhaustion, overwhelm and overthinking.

After 18+ years of private practice and a battle with breast cancer, I traded in my $2.5MM+ practice to help lawyers – like you – create your version of balanced success. Because paper-only success isn’t good enough.

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