Manage Stress Effectively

Get simple, science-backed strategies for how to manage stress effectively. This isn’t just about how to relieve stress. Yes that’s included, but you’ll also learn practical stress prevention and stress management techniques for how to BE less stressed in general.

The Real Truth About Lawyer Stress (& How To Reduce It)

The legal industry has been talking about how to reduce and better manage lawyer stress for years yet little has changed. Why is that? As a practicing lawyer for over 18 years and now a lawyer coach, I’ve come to realize that the primary factor behind our lack of...

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Mindfulness For Leaders (Be A Better Leader)

Mindfulness for leaders is necessary for good leadership. As a leader, you're expected to lead by example, influence others and be nimble in the face of adversity. Which is where mindfulness comes into play. Because mindful leaders are more effective. A mindful leader...

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How To Relax Your Mind (Even When Busy)

You’re mentally exhausted yet can’t seem to relax your mind. Because you're too busy. And you can't shut your mind down (no matter how hard you try). Although you know that you need downtime, resting feels unproductive and you think that you might lose ground if you...

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20 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

High on stress and in need of proven, quick ways to reduce stress naturally? If you said yes, then you’re in luck because I’m covering 20 effective ways to reduce stress naturally and quickly. All of these techniques are simple (yet powerful) and can be used when...

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The Power of Gratitude (Feel Content, Be Happy)

Today we’re talking about the power of gratitude, including: The science-backed benefits of regularly practicing gratitude,  How gratitude rewires your brain (and hence changes your outlook on life), Common misconceptions about expressing gratitude, and How to start...

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How To Prevent Burnout (Even As A Working Mom)

Do you sometimes feel like being a working mother means living on the edge of burnout? If that's you, then it’s time to learn how to prevent burnout. Because snapping at your daughter for being curious, picking a fight with your partner over how he folded the laundry,...

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Hey there, I’m Heather.

Former Lawyer Turned Coach & Business Strategist. Wife to A Semi-Stoic. Mom x 2. Cancer Survivor.

And I am on a mission to help lawyers and other purpose-driven professionals confidently create your next level of success + impact (while ditching stress, overthinking and people-pleasing for good).

My 18+ years in private practice while building a values-based, profitable book of business (of 2.5MM+) taught me how to balance a successful and fulfilling career with a real life. Because you do not have to sacrifice your health, relationships or personal happiness for success.

Are you a lawyer ready to get yourself and your practice to the next level (without all the stress, exhaustion and overwhelm)?

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