Create Success From the Inside-Out

(not just on paper)

Helping lawyers + other driven professionals break free from busy & release self-doubt so that you can succeed in BOTH life + career on your terms (and make life fun again).

Heather Moulder, J.D. | Career + Mindset Coaching

It’s time to redefine + create success on your terms (from the inside-out)

so that you can stop feeling stuck wanting more and instead create YOUR something more.


Heather has a special talent for making people’s lives better

Lorilei Cronin

Corporate Counsel, Pier 1 Imports

Discover the 3 Pillars to Inside-Out Success


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master your emotions & retrain your mind for presence, resilience and growth so that you can feel calm, confident & in control

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reconnect to what brings you purpose to rekindle your career passion & uncover a clear path forward that excites you 

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realign your career & life around your priorities to fulfill your full potential & make a bigger impact while working less (not harder)

A Simple Success Framework + Science-Backed Tools

Let me be clear about something. . . this isn’t about law of attraction or other woo-woo practices (that don’t work). It’s about using a simple, customizable success framework + proven strategies from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology that lead to long-term changes that stick.

Latest Articles

The Power of Gratitude (Feel Content, Be Happy)

The Power of Gratitude (Feel Content, Be Happy)

Today we’re talking about the power of gratitude, including: The science-backed benefits of regularly practicing gratitude,  How gratitude rewires your brain (and hence changes your outlook on life), Common misconceptions about expressing gratitude, and How to start...

Success Stories

Work with Heather ONLY if you want to effect real change into your life.

Heather is direct, supportive, action-oriented and results-driven. Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with her.  

Miranda Holmes | Senior Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management

Coaching with Heather will re-energize you both personally and professionally.

Heather is perceptive, no-nonsense and compassionate. She’s given me the tools I needed to identify my emotional triggers so that I can break free from my emotions and re-focus on what’s most important.

Roxanne Edwards | Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather's an insightful listener who understands what I'm trying to say & how I feel.

She’s helped me become aware of what I’m passionate about, which has made me more relaxed in my decisions.

Pamela Pfautsch | Educator, The Westwood School

Heather has a unique ability for asking questions that quickly identify the underlying problem AND the right solution.

Heather taught me how to be my own coach, allowing me to get from problem to solution on my own.  I came to her feeling unmotivated, but now genuinely look forward to pursuing my professional goals.

Kathryn Reid | Partner, Rochelle McCullough

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