Work Life Balance

Discover the real meaning of work life balance, why it’s so important and (most importantly) how to create a well balanced life. Because – as currently defined by most people – it’s not attainable. The good news is that doesn’t matter.

The Real Meaning Of Work-Life Balance (& How To Achieve It)

Does work-life balance always feel out of reach? Start by understanding the true meaning of work-life balance because you can't attain something you don't comprehend. And unfortunately, the typical definition of work-life balance doesn't actually work. Whether you...

Unlocking Why Work-Life Balance Is Important

Before you give up on your work life balance dream, get clear around the reasons why work life balance is important.  Because understanding why work life balance is important isn’t just nice to know, but necessary for creating a balanced life.

How To Relax Your Mind (Even When Busy)

You’re mentally exhausted yet can’t seem to relax your mind. Because you're too busy. And you can't shut your mind down (no matter how hard you try). Although you know that you need downtime, resting feels unproductive and you think that you might lose ground if you...

10 Life Tips For How to Excel In Life (In 2022 & Beyond)

Ever wonder how to excel in life? Especially since so much feels like it's out of your control?  It's difficult not to overthink things, trying to figure out the exact right thing to do, the perfect steps to take. The problem with that is you end up stuck in...

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking Care of Yourself

How often do you feel guilty about taking care of yourself?  Self-care guilt shows up in various ways. . .by apologizing for taking time for yourself, feeling like you're being selfish, or pushing it off because you have more productive things to do. Whatever the...

How to Measure Work Life Balance Without Feeling Discouraged

Work life balance isn't really about balance.  The truth is, work life balance is more complex than the traditional either/or equation. And that means that how to measure work life balance is more complex too. The Components of Achieving Work-Life Balance If it's not...

How to Be Successful And Happy At The Same Time

Do you ever feel like real success isn’t compatible with happiness?   When clients first come to me, they often tell me that they’re struggling with how to be successful at work or in their business while also being truly happy. Being “successful” at something...

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