Strong Mindset

Learn the top tools (based in neuroscience and positive psychology) for how to build a strong mindset of growth, confidence and resilience. So you can rewire your brain for the positive, strong mentality you need to achieve what you want in both career and life.

What Breast Cancer Taught Me

Cancer changes you - which could be good or bad. But when you go through something like that, you can choose to learn some valuable lessons. Here's what breast cancer taught me. January 1st 2012... I was living the American Dream. Married to my college sweetheart with...

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5 Mindset Strategies For Success And Prosperity

Today we’re covering 5 mindset strategies for success in both life and work. And we're focusing specifically on those strategies that will help increase stress resilience and improve your leadership skills. Because, although your mindset isn’t the only thing you need...

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10 Realistic Tips For Overcoming Working Mom Guilt

Do you suffer from working mom guilt - especially since you like what you do and want to achieve high levels of success in your career?  I have some GREAT news... you can overcome working mom guilt while actually excelling in your career. Instead of beating yourself...

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There Once Was a Girl (Who Chose to Be Beautiful)

There once was a young girl full of self-doubt and inner demons that felt as if they were eating her away from the inside. She lived in fear of the world, the people in it and who she was destined to become. Her life experiences were mostly about. . . Adversity....

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5 Effective Tools to Stop Living in Fear and Worry

Living in fear is overwhelming.  It makes you feel out of control and feeds your worries and anxiety.  But it's important that you know that, no matter what's going on in your life and the world, you don't have to live in fear. Instead of living in fear, I want you to...

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Hey there, I’m Heather.

Former Lawyer Turned Coach & Business Strategist. Wife to A Semi-Stoic. Mom x 2. Cancer Survivor.

And I am on a mission to help lawyers and other purpose-driven professionals confidently create your next level of success + impact (while ditching stress, overthinking and people-pleasing for good).

My 18+ years in private practice while building a values-based, profitable book of business (of 2.5MM+) taught me how to balance a successful and fulfilling career with a real life. Because you do not have to sacrifice your health, relationships or personal happiness for success.

Are you a lawyer ready to get yourself and your practice to the next level (without all the stress, exhaustion and overwhelm)?

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