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Heather Moulder, J.D.



Helping lawyers more than double impact + performance (while reenergizing professionally).

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Help your attorneys embrace a new way of thinking + doing to unlock the door to sustainable change.

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    Insightful. Instructive. Inspiring.

    Heather Moulder is a former partner with an Am Law Global 100 law firm whose work is trusted by thousands of lawyers across the country. She has spent the last 25 years mentoring and coaching lawyers to 10X (or higher) their performance without burning out.

    While working in Big Law, Heather witnessed countless colleagues struggle with the work-life-business-of-law juggling act, burn out and/or opt out of firm life (even law) altogether.

    Between the high-pressure law firm environment, the need to be “on” 24/7, and the demand to build a book of business, it’s no surprise that lawyers suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety. And firms are losing top talent as a result.

    The replacement cost for associates is estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000 per associate, while replacing a partner is exponentially higher. The toll stress takes on attorneys is costing firms millions.

    A cancer diagnosis that turned Heather’s world upside down over a decade ago infused within her a new mission: to help attorneys become happily successful. Heather turned in her $2.5MM+ law practice to help attorneys implement her proven success formula so they can accomplish their biggest goals without burnout.

    Today Heather is trusted by firms and lawyers across the country for professional development workshops that help attorneys reenergize, improve productivity and increase revenues.

     Practical Strategies, Life-Changing Benefits

    Heather’s presentations and workshops are designed to help attorneys:

    ✓ Be actively present, focused and calm (even in the midst of client-fueled chaos).

    ✓ Reframe thoughts + adopt new ways of thinking (for a more grounded outlook).

    ✓ Improve strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

    ✓ Streamline busy schedules (without dropping any balls).

    ✓ Maintain laser-focused energy (and not feel drained).

    ✓ Uncover their best strengths-based business development strategies.

    ✓ Learn how to use their stories in legal marketing + networking.

    ✓ Create strategic business development plans of action (they can be consistent with).

    ✓ Adopt an organized networking/follow-up approach (that improves results).

    ✓ Know when – and how – to confidently ask for business.

    Most Requested Workshops & Presentations

    The Ethics Of Your Mental Health*

    According to ALM, 74% of surveyed attorneys feel the profession has had a negative impact on their mental health.

    Living a stressed-out existence has become synonymous with practicing law. It impacts every area of our work and life.

    As a participant in The Ethics Of Your Mental Health, attorneys will understand the full ripple effect of how stress impacts their body and mind, including the legal ethics implications.

    Using case studies, comparing and contrasting “attorney A” to “attorney B”, attendees will see how stress – and specifically their choices around how to deal with stress – impacts their work product and their relationships (both personal and professional, including with clients).

    Attorneys will leave this one-hour training with practical mindfulness tools that can easily be used in their day-to-day life to quickly calm their mind, think more strategically and be less stressed.

    *This presentation has previously received one hour of TX CLE Ethics credit.

    Maximize Business Development ROI

    According to ALM, more than ½ the women who leave law firms do so because of their need to market and originate business.

    Your attorneys advocate for their clients with vigor, but do they know how to succeed in the business of law?

    Too many lawyers feel intimidated by the need to grow their business and are uncertain how to determine which business development strategies would work best for them. The result is a scattershot approach that doesn’t produce.

    As a participant in Maximize Business Development ROI, lawyers will learn Heather’s proven 3-step framework known to double – even triple – business in one year (and how to grow from there).

    They’ll create and implement a simple, strengths-based business development plan they enjoy, maximizing ROI and leaving them more time for client work and an actual life.


    Train Your Mind To Function At Its Best While Feeling YOUR Best

    64% of lawyers said they have anxiety, and 31% of lawyers report being depressed.

    As attorneys we advocate fiercely for our clients, working long hours while proposing creative solutions to complicated issues (quickly). Although our service is often top-notch, we suffer as a result.

    Studies show that when we are overworked and time-crunched, everything suffers over time. And one of the top complaints of attorneys is the lack of time (and space) for strategic thinking.

    This workshop will provide your attorneys with practical strategies that create more time, space, and energy for thinking more strategically and taking impeccable care of their mental wellbeing.

    They’ll learn how to rewire their brain to function at its best (and feel their best).


    Customized Trainings From An Expert Who Understands

    According to NALP, a top reason associates leave law firms is due to a lack of meaningful training.

    And surveys tell us that around 35% of partners lateral due to lack of support in building their practice.

    What makes Heather unique is her 18+ years as a practicing attorney.

    She gets the unique challenges lawyers face, and knows what attorneys at each level need to succeed. She also understands how to build a book of business from scratch without overwhelm during a recession (that’s what she did post-financial crisis).

    Heather utilizes her signature framework and research-backed tools to reenergize attorneys and positively reframe their approach to the business of law.

    Heather can customize a workshop/training to fit your firm’s specific needs. Contact Heather to discuss here:

    Currently Booking For

    ✓ Keynote Speeches

    Firm Presentations



    ✓ Panel Discussions

    ✓ Team Retreats

    ✓ Lunch & Learns

    ✓ Podcast Interviews

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    Heather gives practical, real-world solutions for how to succeed as a lawyer. She has been there and gets it.

    Virginia Mimmack

    Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

    Heather’s guidance is relevant, fresh and relatable.

    Her personal path enables her to bring a truly unique perspective to the table. Particularly valuable is her inclusion of practical, hands-on strategies for getting an honest picture for how your limited time is allocated (and how it compares to core goals and values. And then how to take control when out of sync.

    Monica Messick

    Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

    Heather is an engaging, relatable speaker.

    She has a wealth of information for attorneys looking to tap into their own strengths and capabilities for purposes of business development.

    Tiffanie Clausewitz

    Former President, Bexar County Women's Bar Foundation LEAD Academy

    Heather’s no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase approach will help you quickly uncover root issues (instead of just treating symptoms).

    Monica Narvaez

    Counsel, McKim Legal

    Meet Heather Moulder

    Heather is a former Big Law partner turned lawyer coach + host of the Life & Law Podcast on a mission to help lawyers become happily successful so they can make a bigger impact (and law firms can retain top talent while improving firm culture).

    After wanting to be a lawyer since the age of ten, Heather quickly found herself where most lawyers end up… burning out. She learned that she needed to start focusing on her inner game and create success from the inside-out. This was the starting point for her unique 4-part success formula (Rewire-Reconnect-Redefine-Realign).

    Heather’s simple success formula enabled her to start having fun as a lawyer and build a thriving practice (of $2.5MM+) without burning out. She now utilizes the same formula to help her clients reenergize professionally while more than doubling annual revenues (even generate a 20x ROI).

    When not helping her clients achieve more doing less, you’ll either find Heather cooking a never-guess-it’s-gluten-free meal from scratch or cheering on her 2 baseball-crazed (only slightly mischievous) boys.

    Picture of Heather Moulder Sitting in Chair Smiling