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Unlock the full potential of your team utilizing my coaching wisdom and 18+ years of practice management and leadership experience.

Heather Moulder, J.D. | Lawyer Coach

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

Empower your attorneys to reach their next level of success + impact by becoming more effective leaders and business owners.

Heather is known for thought-provoking presentations and interactive workshops with the perfect mix of:

  • the latest research-based knowledge,
  • practical strategies, and
  • inspirational stories.

Audiences report leaving Heather’s programs equipped with actionable tools & strategies to leverage their strengths, lead with confidence and create success without the stress.

Heather’s unique background and strengths make her a skilled presenter and workshop facilitator who easily connects with audiences and inspires them to take action.

Topics Include:

» Work Life Balance

» Mindfulness for Stress

» Developing a Growth Mindset

» Effective Communication

» Impostor Syndrome

» Authentic Leadership


» Business Development

» Increasing Productivity

» Selling & Asking for Business

» Goal Setting & Achievement

» Emotional Intelligence

» Self-Leadership

Popular Talks

(Typically between 45-60 minutes long)

  • The Mindful Lawyer: The Ethics of Your Mental Health (received CLE Ethics approval in the past)
  • Redefining Work Life Balance: Why the Search for Balance Isn’t Working (and What To Do Instead)
  • Client Development Success Blueprint: Get More Clients & Increase Profits Without Burning Out
  • Healthy Mind, Happy Life: How to Master Your Mindset and Regain Your Confidence
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome (So That You Can Enjoy Your Success)
  • Making Business Development Easy & Fun (Even As An Introvert)

Popular Interactive Roundtable Discussions

(60 minutes)

  • What Is Business Development? The 3 Prongs of Business Development.
  • Effective Networking: What To Say & How To Prepare
  • Strengths-Based Business Development
  • Asking For Business Without Feeling Awkward Or Pushy
Picture of Lawyer Coach Heather Moulder

Business Development Workshops For Lawyers

In-depth, interactive workshops tailored to fit your firm’s needs. Can be customized into 90-minute, 2-hour, 1/2 day or full-day workshops depending on topics and desires.

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Grow Your Practice (Not Stress Levels) With A Strengths-Based Business Plan

Learn the fundamentals of effective business development while creating a customized strengths-based business development plan.  Participants will eliminate business development overwhelm and intimidation while transforming it from an ambiguous concept (that rarely gets done) into practical strategies that can be implemented with regularity.


  • Uncover the best business development strategies + tactics based on strengths, values and personality.
  • Learn how to be consistent without feeling overwhelmed (even spend LESS time).
  • Develop a structured system for tracking & leveraging contacts.
  • Get effective strategies for measuring progress and maximizing returns throughout the year.
  • Discover how to simplify business development, increase engagement across the board AND make it more effective.

How To Sell Effectively: Asking For Business With Grace & Confidence

Asking for business can feel awkward and if not careful come across as pushy. Which is why most lawyers struggle with this critically important element of business development. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to ask for business with grace and confidence and feel good about it.

Participants will walk away knowing how to sell persuasively (with confidence) without being pushy or awkward.


  • The most common mistakes that turn potential clients off from wanting to hire you (and how to avoid them).
  • The #1 thing to focus on that will build better relationships (quickly) and make asking for business feel comfortable.
  • Authentically connecting with and selling to contacts.
  • Using questions and storytelling to seed a later sale.
  • Identifying the right time to transition from relationship-building to asking for business.
  • Techniques for (and opportunities to practice) asking for business in a variety of scenarios, including: initiating the conversation, asking friends + existing clients for business, & what to say when they’re non-committal or say “no”.
  • Addressing financial concerns, with a step-by-step guide for taking a graceful, service-oriented approach.
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Heather brought new insight that inspired attendees into deeper thinking, new conversation and action.  Her honest and real take on life quickly connects and holds your attention.

C. Cooke

Managing Editor, Plaid for Women

Heather’s relevant, relatable and fresh approach spurs you into action.

Monica Messick

Partner, Jackson & Walker

Perfect for any lawyer ready to get to the next level without losing yourself in the process.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

The results of working with Heather speak for themselves… More than a 20x ROI.

Heather will help you get to the next level without losing yourself in the process.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Thank you Heather for helping me think through my practice and how my mind works (inside-out) so that I could take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.

Heather helped me assemble the jigsaw puzzle of my thoughts in a way that made sense, and put them into practice. She’s quite versed in breaking down thought patterns and using great analogies with actual steps to resolve issues.

Working with Heather has put me on track to reach my revenue goal (even exceed it) for the year.

Keron Wright

Managing Partner, Wright Legal Services PLLC

I recommend Heather to anyone wanting strategic legal career advice and accountability.

Insightful and astute, Heather’s in the right business. She’s helped me become more self-aware,  re-frame my thoughts and adjust plans so that I can take the right actions to effectively reach my goals.

Everyone needs a Heather in their lives!

Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

Heather will put you on a fast-track out of an overthinking mindset.

Heather pulled things out of me that I’d never before put to words and provided me with a framework for solving  my own problems.

This along with her  gentle nudges to keep me on track empowered me to align my decisions with my priorities without feeling guilty.

Somer Hayes

Associate General Counsel, Payer Compass

Meet Heather Moulder

Heather a former BigLaw partner turned high-performance lawyer coach and host of the Life & Law Podcast is on a mission to help purpose-driven lawyers become happily successful.

Described by her clients as results-driven, perceptive and inspiring, Heather uses her unique Rewire-Reconnect-Realign framework to help attorneys thrive in both life & law. Her clients have been known to more than double annual revenues while reenergizing professionally.

When not helping clients achieve more doing less, you’ll either find Heather cooking a never-guess-it’s-gluten-free meal from scratch or cheering on her 2 baseball-crazed (only slightly mischievous) boys.

Picture of Heather Sitting In Chair, Happy

Empower your attorneys to reach their next level of success.

Contact Heather to give them practical skills for becoming more effective leaders & business owners.