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Empower, engage and unlock the full potential of your employees using Heather’s coaching wisdom and more than 18 years of legal leadership + management experience.

Heather Moulder, J.D. | Lawyer Leadership & Business Coach

The Legal Industry Is Changing

It’s more competitive & faster-paced. With less time for training and mentorship. Even seasoned attorneys are struggling to keep up.

Most attorneys say they need more support from their firm, including more effective training on how to be more productive, improve their leadership skills and build their business…without stress, overwhelm and overthinking.

And although you have in-house professional development programs and staff, to be most effective you need to supplement it with outside expertise and perspectives.

Empower your attorneys to unlock their full potential.

Heather is known for thought-provoking presentations and interactive workshops with a perfect blend of the latest research, inspirational stories, and simple tools. She equips audiences with the practical strategies and rewired mindsets they need to leverage their strengths, lead effectively and succeed in both law and life.

Heather’s training, strengths and unique background make her a skilled presenter and workshop facilitator who easily connects with audiences and inspires them to take action.

The result?

  • More engaged, productive and happy employees.
  • More effective leaders and managers.
  • More clients and revenues.
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Topics Include:

» Workplace Boundaries

» Mindfulness for Stress

» Managing Emotions & Mindset

» Authentic Leadership

» Improving Emotional Intelligence

» Strengths-Based Business Development

» Time Management & Productivity

» Prioritization & Work Life Balance

» Selling & Asking for Business

» Goal Setting & Achievement

» Workplace Allyship & Advocacy

» Effective Networking

Speaking, Workshops, Podcasts & Media Inquiries

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Currently Booking For:

Keynote Speeches

Firm Presentations

Workshops & Seminars

Panel Discussions

Team Retreats

Lunch & Learns

Podcast & Media Interviews

Popular Speaking + Workshop Topics

The Ethics of Your Mental Health (received TX CLE credit in the past)

How To Set & Enforce Professional Boundaries With Grace

5 Steps To Increase Clients + Profits Without Burning Out

Healthy Mind, Happy Life: Rewiring Your Mind To Master Your Emotions

Strengths-Based Business Development (Be More Effective, Have Fun)

Effective Networking: How To Prepare, What To Say, & Following Up

Asking For Business Without Feeling Awkward Or Pushy

Get Stuff Done: How To Effectively Prioritize, Manage Your Time & Be Productive

Workshops For Lawyers

In-depth, interactive workshops tailored to fit your needs. Can be customized into 90-minute, 2-hour, 1/2 day or (in some cases) full-day workshops depending on topics and desires. The following are a sampling of popular topics:

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Grow Your Practice (Not Stress Levels) With A Strengths-Based Business Plan

Learn the fundamentals of effective business development while creating a customized strengths-based business development plan.  Participants will eliminate business development overwhelm and intimidation while transforming it from an ambiguous concept (that rarely gets done) into practical strategies that can be implemented with regularity.


  • Uncover the best business development strategies + tactics based on strengths, values and personality.
  • Learn how to be consistent without feeling overwhelmed (even spend LESS time).
  • Develop a structured system for tracking & leveraging contacts.
  • Get effective strategies for measuring progress and maximizing returns throughout the year.
  • Discover how to simplify business development, increase engagement across the board AND make it more effective.

Setting & Enforcing Professional Boundaries (How – And Why – To Say No With Grace)

It’s necessary to have boundaries at work – with clients and colleagues. There’s only so much time in the day, you can only have so many priorities and it’s the only way to ensure your priorities actually get done. And this is especially the case for partners/shareholders trying to juggle legal work, manage clients, lead a team, serve within leadership and grow business.

But when are boundaries appropriate? How do you identify where they’re needed? And how do you enforce them professionally (can you really say “no” to clients with grace)?

Equip your attorneys with the skills needed to set and enforce appropriate workplace boundaries so that you can increase productivity, leadership capability, and retention.


  • Identify where boundaries are most needed (and their benefits).
  • Discover where fear and guilt is getting in the way of saying no when needed – and how to overcome both.
  • Learn how to professionally communicate boundaries, say no with grace, and push back diplomatically (whether to clients, leaders, managers, peers or colleagues).
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How To Sell Effectively: Asking For Business With Grace & Confidence

Asking for business can feel awkward and – if not careful – come across as pushy. Which is why most lawyers struggle with this critically important element of business development. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to ask for business with grace and confidence – and feel good about it.

Participants will walk away knowing how to sell persuasively (with confidence) without being pushy or awkward.


  • The most common mistakes that turn potential clients off from wanting to hire you (and how to avoid them).
  • The #1 thing to focus on that will build better relationships (quickly) and make asking for business feel comfortable.
  • Authentically connecting with and selling to contacts.
  • Using questions and storytelling to seed a later sale.
  • Identifying the right time to transition from relationship-building to asking for business.
  • Techniques for (and opportunities to practice) asking for business in a variety of scenarios, including: initiating the conversation, asking friends + existing clients for business, & what to say when they’re non-committal or say “no”.
  • Addressing financial concerns, with a step-by-step guide for taking a graceful, service-oriented approach.

Get Stuff Done: How To Effectively Prioritize, Manage Your Time & Be Productive

Most attorneys are overly busy, always complaining that there’s never enough time. But time isn’t the real problem. It all starts with how you prioritize and manage your day.

In this workshop participants will learn a simple framework for how to prioritize what’s most important (based on goals, responsibilities and roles), a step-by-step blueprint for how to effectively manage time and a framework for getting stuff done productively and efficiently.


  • Learn a simple methodology for prioritizing what’s important (vs. what isn’t or is merely urgent).
  • Discover how to identify when you don’t have capacity to take on new work (and when you do but need to delegate or move deadlines around).
  • Learn a simple framework for reviewing, planning and scheduling your week and day ahead.
  • Create a simple process (tailored to each individual’s needs) for use during the weekly planning session (that reduces decision fatigue).
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Meet Heather Moulder

Heather is a former Big Law partner turned high-performance lawyer coach and host of the Life & Law Podcast. She’s on a mission to help lawyers break the burnout cycle while also helping law firms increase engagement and retain top talent.

Heather uses her unique Rewire-Reconnect-Realign framework to help her clients confidently build the practice they actually want so that they can increase originations and impact without burning out. This simple 3-part framework has been known to help her clients more than double their annual revenues (even generate a 20x ROI) while reenergizing professionally.

When not helping her clients achieve more doing less, you’ll either find Heather cooking a never-guess-it’s-gluten-free meal from scratch or cheering on her 2 baseball-crazed (only slightly mischievous) boys.

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Empower your attorneys to reach their next level of success.

Book Heather to give them practical skills for how to become more effective leaders & business owners.