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Focused on the things that are important to you. Confident in your leadership abilities & decision-making. With a clear path forward for balanced success.

– Your future self, after applying the Inside-Out Success Framework

Lawyer Career Coaching & Leadership Coaching

With Lawyer Career Coach Heather Moulder


But there’s a disconnect between how others see you and how you actually feel…

You’re tired of the internal tug-of-war between your drive to excel and your need for self-care (and worry balance isn’t compatible with a successful legal career).

The daily busy-ness of calls/emails and management headaches (that often don’t feel important) has smothered the passion you once felt for your career.

You worry your inability to say “no” when needed and tendency to overthink big decisions is holding you back.

You wonder if law firm life is really for you yet question whether going in-house just means trading one set of headaches for another set (you’d like even less).

You know getting promoted (to partnership or that coveted GC position) means strengthening your EQ and leadership skills but aren’t sure where to even start.

You feel as if work is taking over your life, and you’re destined for a future of just barely squeezing life in.

You are not alone. According to a recent ALM Survey:

50% of surveyed attorneys regularly feel self-doubt and a decreased sense of accomplishment. And over 60% feel overwhelmed, fatigued, and/or exhausted.

Statistics further show that over half of all practicing attorneys report feeling stressed and/or anxious most of the time.

Like most lawyers, you probably thought the stress, anxiety and overthinking would get better as you progressed up the proverbial career ladder. But it hasn’t (if anything, it might even be getting worse).

What you’ve come to realize is change must start from within (and you’re wondering whether – and how – lawyer career coaching could help).

Imagine taking control of your thoughts, your time, your career, your life in a way that enables you to prioritize the things that are important to you and achieve the success + impact you want.

Whether or not you’re…


Looking for balanced success.

Without settling for something less than what you want in both law and life.


Wanting to improve your leadership skills.

So that you can get that law firm partnership promotion or GC position you’ve long wanted.


Wanting to get your motivation back.

With a clear path forward for getting yourself and your legal career where you want it to be.

I’ll help you retake control of your career and regain your confidence so that you can accomplish the things you want without stress or overthinking.

Heather will reenergize you professionally.

When I first came to Heather, I was overwhelmed by my workload and the pressure to build more business. One of the biggest benefits of working with Heather is her ability to get you to rethink and then refocus on what’s most important.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Bell, Nunnally & Martin LLP

Thanks to my work with Heather, I got my long-coveted GC position!

Heather helped me improve my leadership and communication skills, providing hands-on tips for how to do so. On the flip side, she helped me realize that I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for my skills and abilities. This improvement in my self-confidence was transformative.

The thing I love most about working with her is that she is empathic and meets you where you are at BUT then she doesn’t let you stay there.

Tara Young

General Counsel, Spearmint Energy

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Introducing the Inside-Out Success Framework.

Rewire • Redefine • Realign

You’ve tried almost every time management technique and productivity hack in the book.  It’s not enough.

Instead, it’s time to think and do differently.

Because success is created from the inside-out. And it’s impossible to create the impact you want when plagued by emotional exhaustion, overthinking and self-doubt.

You need a partner – someone who understands the unique challenges of the legal profession, has been where you are (and prevailed) and has the expertise to help you:

  • Uncover your answers,
  • Build healthy habits for long-term success, and
  • Improve your communication, management & leadership skills.

Which is where Inside-Out Success Lawyer Career Coaching & Leadership Coaching comes in.

How lawyer career coaching translates into your day-to-day…

Control of Your Time

Allocate your time to actual priorities, including: time for family, long-term strategic planning & even hobbies.

Healthy Confidence

Have faith in your decision-making, stop overthinking (and know you can handle anything that comes you way).

A Calm Mind

Know how to manage your thoughts & master your emotions (which means feeling calm, grounded and positive).

Strong Boundaries

Have clear boundaries (you feel good about) & regularly enforce them with grace.

Inspiring Leadership

Have high levels of emotional intelligence, interpersonal and communication skills.

Foster Self-Care

Prioritize your wellbeing through healthy, flexible habits that you can be consistent with.


If you’re tired of feeling like you’re all over the place, work with Heather. Her targeted coaching will help you uncover your answers.

Heather’s cut-to-the-chase, no nonsense approach helped me quickly get to the root of why I was struggling (not just address symptoms) so that I could act on my outside-of-the-box ideas.

I now feel in control of my practice, and am doing more of what I love to do (which doesn’t feel like work).

Monica Narvaez

Partner, McKim Legal

Heather is perfect for attorneys who want someone who understands their challenges to help them get to the next level without losing themselves in the process.

Heather challenged me to see situations and my own actions in a new light.

Her nonjudgmental nature allowed me to openly share my struggles so that I could receive better feedback, and then quickly organize my ideas into actionable plans for achieving my goals.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather will put you on a fast-track out of an overthinking, negative mindset.

She pulled things out of me that I’d never before put to words and provided me with a framework for solving my own problems. Instead of agonizing over decisions again and again, I now have confidence in my decisions because I’m able to align them around my priorities without feeling guilty about it. And I know that I have the tools to course correct whenever needed.

My formerly glass is half-empty mindset isn’t just half-full, it’s overflowing! And I’m doing better at work while putting in less hours (even have more time for business development).

Somer Hayes

Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Hey there, I’m Heather Moulder.

After more than 18 years in BigLaw, I traded in my $2.5MM law firm book of business to start a new business as a lawyer career and leadership coach. My mission is to help lawyers redefine & create success from the inside-out. Because the current way of things isn’t working.

Which makes sense when you consider that we’re trained to plan for the worst & avoid risk. If left unchecked, we bring this into how we live life and it fuels stress, overthinking and anxiety.

The good news?

There’s a

Better Way

Better for you. Better for your clients. Better for the profession. Even better for your pocket book.

Your starting point is to take full-out control of the ONE thing you actually can control… YOU (while letting go of all the rest). Which is what Inside-Out Success Lawyer Career Coaching – and my framework – is designed to help you do.

Heather standing next to a window

How Inside-Out Success Leadership & Career Coaching For Lawyers Works

Expert support from a trained lawyer career coach and lawyer

You’ll receive personal 1:1 support from a trained career coach who is also an attorney, and understands how to navigate the high-pressure, often high-stakes legal profession of law firms and corporate leadership.

12 individual coaching sessions with Heather

You’ll get a combo pack of lawyer career coaching, leadership coaching, mindset coaching,and  life coaching. Because you’re a whole person (who can’t be compartmentalized). This type of lawyer career coaching will challenge your thinking, give you a fresh perspective, unlock your inner confidence and improve your interpersonal skills.

Proprietary assessments and science-backed tools

You’ll have access to Heather’s proprietary assessments, tools and resources designed to increase self-awareness, unlock deeper insights, build psychological resilience and identify opportunities for growth.

Develop new habits for success

Learn practical strategies for how to create healthy habits and thrive post-coaching. Examples of how this looks in life… Letting go of perfectionism, befriending your inner critic and creating strong boundaries (you feel good about enforcing).

Become your own inner coach

My goal is for you to move on – without me. You’ll learn how to get yourself from problem to solution and seamlessly tackle whatever roadblocks life puts in front of you without overthinking or over-stressing.

Your Investment: $3,250

[A two-payment option is available].

“Heather helped me become more self-aware, reframe my thoughts and adjust plans so that I can take the right actions to effectively reach my goals.

I’ve always believed I needed to figure out everything on my own, but now know that’s not true. I recommend Heather to anyone wanting strategic legal career advice and accountability.”

Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

“Working with Heather, I discovered that the solutions were already in my mind.

Thank you Heather for helping me recognize how my mind works, inside-out. Your ability to break down my fear and anxiety helped me take the necessary (even if uncomfortable) steps to achieve my goals.”

Keron Wright

Of Counsel, Burke Bogdanowicz, PLLC

Thinking of working with Heather? Do it! It’s totally worth it. She is intentional and laser-focused yet nurturing at the same time.

Working with Heather, I’ve learned I can only control myself. This has enabled me to slow down, say no when I need to and check in regularly to ask what I need to be my best.”

Anna Pham

Second Career Attorney, Hirsch & Westheimer, P.C.

I’m not like most coaches…

Who Never Practiced Law Or Did But Just Barely

Heather smiling while working

After transforming from burned out to balanced, and then building a thriving practice of my own (while navigating my way through 2 kids, the 2008 financial crisis and a battle with breast cancer), I realized I had created a customizable framework for balanced success as a lawyer.

And I’m on a mission to help you achieve your next level of success. I’ll help you uncover your answers and not just tell you what to do (because that wouldn’t be what’s best for you).

Imagine achieving the things you want without sacrificing yourself in the process (and feeling motivated – dare I say, passionate – about your legal career again).

Ready to get started with Lawyer Career Coaching?

Want to grow your business and master your business-of-law acumen while also staying balanced? Check out how my business coaching services can help here.

If you’re ready for change and willing to try a new approach, you’ll get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.

Heather is direct, supportive and results-driven. She’s in pursuit of your deepest truth so that you can gain clarity about what’s truly important to you and then make the changes you want (like I did!).

Miranda Holmes

Senior Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management

Heather provides relevant, industry-specific coaching and advice that’s thoughtful, transparent and honest.

Heather is perfect for lawyers who have reached a point where they question their purpose, and wonder whether their values align with their current work and work environment.

Heather’s techniques are especially powerful when making difficult, real-world decisions. She teaches the tools for how to make these decisions with confidence.

Keith Rawlins

Partner, Scheef & Stone

Heather is perfect for working parents struggling to do it all who want tangible solutions to create a more balanced life. She has a special talent for making people’s lives better.

When I first came to Heather, I didn’t know how to say no and my inner voice had become very unkind.

Heather quickly identified the root causes for why I felt so stressed and gave me practical strategies to overcome them. The #1 thing I learned from Heather is how to say no without feeling guilty about it.

I’m now able to carve out time for myself, relax with my family and still work full-time.

Lorilei Cronin

Corporate Counsel, Commercial Metals Company

Got Questions? Here are answers to the most common questions…

How Big Is The Time Commitment (I'm Already So Busy)?

I’m known for my blunt honesty, and so here’s the truth…

You need time + space to figure out what you truly want and go make it happen. Which means there is an obvious time commitment.

The more time you put in the more you’ll get out of your investment.

But please note: you’ll be building the foundational skills and habits you need that will save you time and energy in the future. And it won’t take up nearly as much time as you think.

Most of the “work” happens between sessions within your mind, as you figure things out and implement strategies we’ve discussed on our calls.

Our meetings last about 45-50 minutes in length.

NOTE: all sessions must be used within 12 months of your purchase date.

Why a 12-session commitment (can I choose something less)?

Making big changes like this don’t just happen overnight. You need time to dig in, discover, be curious and try things out.

This time frame allows for this. And it also sets your mentality up for the work ahead (knowing it’s a commitment of 6 months or so to get to where you want to be).

But take a look at the testimonials above to see why this commitment is worth it.

What Results Can I Expect?

While I can’t guarantee specific results, I’m 100% committed to you and will always bring my best to our coaching.

That being said, most clients begin to experience results quickly (after all, we’ll initially clarify what you want + how to make it happen in a way you’ve never had before). And it’s not uncommon to experience big changes after only a couple of sessions.

The truth is that there’s no magic bullet. Your results are dependent on your willingness to be 100% open and honest, and the work you put in.

What's Your Refund Policy?

No one has ever requested a refund and I don’t expect you to. That’s why we must chat first. It helps:

  • Me determine whether (and how) I can help you,
  • You to get your questions answered, and
  • Both of us to effectively determine whether partnering together is a fit.

But should you decide – for whatever reason – to cancel after getting started I do have a refund policy (which you’ll find here).

What's The Process For How This Works?

Book a call with Heather here to chat about what’s best for you at this time + get your questions answered.

If we both determine to move forward, you’ll receive an invoice and your coaching contract. Once you’ve paid in full and signed your contract, we’ll get started.

What About Confidentiality (Especially If My Employer Pays)?

I take my clients’ privacy and confidentiality seriously, and am subject to the ICF Code of Ethics (which can be found here).

Before we begin working together, we’ll sign a coaching agreement that contains specific provisions around confidentiality (that will apply to our arrangement regardless of who pays).