There are a million reasons why life as a lawyer can feel like a struggle…

How do you build a law practice that actually loves you back?

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with Lawyer Business Coach

Heather Moulder, J.D.

Business coaching services for lawyers ready to get to your next level of success + impact (without sacrificing yourself in the process).

You’re smart, savvy and provide exceptional results to your clients. And yet you often…

Feel discouraged that your business isn’t growing like you want (especially given the time + energy you’ve put into your marketing strategy).

Wonder “What am I missing?” while marveling at the success of a colleague (who isn’t even that good of a technical lawyer).

✓ Struggle to find the time for long-term strategic planning (you know you need if you’re ever going to grow the law practice you want).

Question whether you have what it tatkes when it comes to the business side of the law (spoiler: yes, you do).

Wonder how to distinquish yourself from your peers without sounding awkward or disingenuous.

Heather takes a highly individualized approach that delivers.

Thanks to our work together, I increased originations by close to 30% in one year. My only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner!

Alicia Voltmer

Partner, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Heather will reenergize you professionally.

Working with her enabled me to let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure I felt while increasing my business by over $100,000.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP


51% of women leave law firms due to the emphasis on marketing and originating business.

[And based on my 25+ years of experience as a practicing lawyer and lawyer coach, plenty of men leave law firms for similar reasons].

Like most lawyers, you thought you would get the business, marketing and sales training you needed as you progressed up the proverbial law firm ladder. But the training has been severely lacking (maybe even nonexistent), and you’ve come to realize…

You’re tired of feeling intimidated by the business-of-law; ready to take control of your law practice (and life!).

After more than 18 years as a private practice attorney – where I grew my business from zero to over $1MM in just 2 years (and then to more than $2.5MM thereafter) – I knew I could help other lawyers confidently master the business-of-law.

Because knowing all the things you could do isn’t the same as knowing what is best for you to actually be doing.

Hey there, I’m Heather Moulder.


I traded in my $2.5MM practice to help lawyers build their ideal law practice around the life they actually want (and quit the do-more-push-harder lawyer lifestyle forever).

Here’s what I know about you…

From the outside looking in, you’re successful.

Yet your business isn’t where you want it to be, and you feel a bit intimidated by the business-of-law. Although you know all the things you could be doing, you have questions.

Where to start? What should be your main area of focus right now?

You’re ambitious and willing to work.

But you don’t want to spin your wheels on the wrong things. You’re frustrated that you don’t have a strategic plan in place for your business. And you can’t help but wonder whether it’s possible to have a profitable business and fulfilling personal life. [Short answer: yes].

You’re an excellent lawyer (who gives your clients what they need – and more).

But you’ve come to realize there’s more to being successful than good lawyering. It’s time to embrace your practice as the business it is.

Picture of Heather Sitting In Chair, Happy

Heather gave me everything I wanted, and more!

The thing I love most about Heather is how insightful, practical and direct she is. She gives concrete business strategies that keep your values in mind coupled with how to properly manage stress. And she has an amazing ability to quickly identify core issues and then offer specific, concrete advice for addressing them.

Lauren Handel

Owner & Principal Attorney, Handel Food Law LLC

Imagine having the knowledge and support to be able to create – and then implement – a strategic plan tailored specifically to your strengths, personality and goals.


Introducing The Next Level Business Coaching Services

Strategic Framework



Through coaching, you’ll cultivate a success mindset that shifts your thinking from “I’m not cut out for the business-of-law” to “I’ve got this, and it’s easy.”



Build a business strategy that aligns with your values and also leverages your strengths. This is the KEY to creating a business you actually want (and making law + life fun again).



Get the support and accountability you need to execute your plan & stay motivated for consistency, plus the strategic guidance for when you feel stuck.

Through a combo-pack of mindset coaching, business development + business consulting, and leadership development coaching, Next Level Business Coaching Services will help you to:

Bolster your mental resilience.

Upgrade your leadership + management skills.

Improve your business-of-law acumen.

Grow the law practice you want.

Cultivate self-confidence.

All while staying balanced.


Thanks to Heather, I stand here today the happiest I have ever been in my career.

Heather is a partner and sounding board to run meaningful business decisions through before executing on them. Knowing I have Heather on my team, I can safely take the risks needed to grow my business.

Working with Heather, I got more than 90% of the way towards a pretty audacious net profits goal (that I didn’t anticipate I could get close to and would have been happy if I had gotten 70% of the way there). Heather’s support and guidance, especially through unanticipated management and employee challenges, was instrumental in reaching that amount.

Heather has helped me to do more than just achieve my goals – my work with her has helped me to improve my own decision-making.

Kelsey Schulz

Owner & Principal Attorney, Schulz Entertainment Law PC

Heather has the super-skill of knowing the exact questions to ask that uncover the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Heather is direct, honest and no-nonsense. She will keep you on track so that you can uncover what you want and how to make that happen.

Her cut-to-the-chase approach helped me quickly get to the root of why I was struggling (not just address symptoms) so that I could act on my outside-of-the-box ideas.

Monica Narvaez

Partner, McKim Legal

Heather will help you get yourself and your practice to the next level without losing yourself in the process.

After working with Heather individually and through her mastermind, the results speak for themselves… a more than 20x return on investment.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Next Level Business Coaching Services


Deep-Dive Strategy Session (90 Minutes)

Meet 1-to-1 with Heather for a business development coaching and consulting session to dive deep into your business, identify goals that create maximum impact and create a strengths-based strategic business development plan. You’ll walk away with a simple marketing strategy and business growth plan you can be consistent with.

12 individual coaching & consulting sessions with Heather

Inside of these hybrid coaching and consulting sessions, you’ll be challenged to think in new ways, receive a fresh perspective, and get business and marketing strategies tailored to your strengths, needs and personality. The purpose is simple… To help you discover your answers, excel as a leader and make practicing law fun again.

VIP Access To Heather

You’ll have VIP access to me during business hours to ask questions and submit business/marketing materials for my review. This high-touch access is your lifeline to getting feedback and questions answered quickly (and is ONLY available to Next Level Business Coaching Services clients).

Proprietary assessments and science-backed tools

Because you’re a whole person (who can’t be compartmentalized), you get the same access to all proprietary assessments, tools and resources as my mindset coaching clients. These resources are designed to increase self-awareness, unlock deeper insights, build psychological resilience and identify opportunities for growth.

Develop new habits for success

Learn practical strategies for how to create healthy habits and thrive post-coaching. Examples of how this looks in life… Letting go of perfectionism, befriending your inner critic, implementing systems for your business and creating strong boundaries (you feel good about enforcing).

Become your own inner coach

Because I want you to be able to move on without my help, you’ll learn how to get yourself from problem to solution and seamlessly tackle whatever roadblocks life puts in front of you without overthinking or over-stressing.

How that translates into your day-to-day:


    Increase revenues by $100,000 (even $200,000+) in just one year.


    Get promoted from associate or of-counsel to partner.


    Collect more than $1MM in originations for the year (after previously trying – unsuccessfully – for years).


    Get noticed by leadership for your improved EQ + leadership skills.


    Exponentially increase your referral network (and hence, cases).


    Start a new side business (that feeds work into your law practice).


    Feel motivated for the day ahead as you wake up each morning.


    Build – and retain – a supportive team to backstop your growing law practice.


    Increase originations by 30% (or more) from the prior year.


    Have the knowledge to run your practice as the business it is.

    I’ve worked with lots of coaches and consultants and can say that Heather is one of the best – especially for lawyers.

    She gets how we think and has experienced the ups and downs of being a lawyer. She also goes above and beyond for her clients.

    Heather’s secret weapon is her combination of practical, step-by-step guidance tailored to your business needs coupled with her mindset coaching to keep you motivated to do the work.

    Suzi Hixon

    Owner, Hixon Law PLLC

    For any attorney who wants to increase business and become more confident about running a business and/or leading a team, Heather will get you to that goal.

    I’ve been blown away by Heather’s insight into her clients’ personalities and what they need, when. She knows how to challenge me to do more without feeling overwhelmed.

    And she has a unique way of being compassionate while motivating you to be accountable to your goals. She is a true gift to the legal community.

    Kristen Williams

    Partner & Co-Owner, Williams Weyand Law LLC

    Heather provides relevant, industry-specific coaching and advice that’s thoughtful, transparent and honest.

    Heather is perfect for lawyers who have reached a point where they question their purpose, and wonder whether their values align with their current work and work environment.

    Heather’s techniques are especially powerful when making difficult, real-world decisions. She teaches the tools for how to make these decisions with confidence.

    Keith Rawlins

    Partner, Scheef & Stone

    Coaching helped me identify the underlying sources for why I was struggling and provided me with tools to address those issues.

    Having Heather as a sounding board where I could be completely open without fear of judgment has been invaluable. She practiced law and can share her experiences. My trust in her has had a big impact on me and my progress.

    One thing that surprised me (in a good way) is how perceptive Heather is. I would go into a session thinking the issue was one thing only to find that there was something deeper going on when talking it out with Heather.

    Roxanne Edwards

    Partner, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP

    I recommend Heather to any attorney wanting strategic legal career advice and accountability.

    Insightful and astute, Heather is in the right business. Working with her, I learned I don’t have to figure out everything on my own. She gave me the fresh perspective that I needed.

    Everyone needs a Heather in their lives!

    Sabrina McTopy

    Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

    The business development intimidation factor that had been holding me back is now eliminated!

    Thanks to Heather, business development has turned from an ambiguous concept or theory into real-world strategies I can implement immediately. I now know that small habits can create big changes. No more sidelining myself assuming I don’t have proper time for business development.

    Work with Heather. You’ll be challenged but will see real results if you put in the work.

    Kathryn Reid

    Partner, Rochelle McCullough

    Thanks to Heather, I’m on track to exceed my stretch revenue goal for the year.

    Heather helped me assemble the jigsaw puzzle of my thoughts in a way that made sense so that I could put them into practice. She is quite versed in breaking down thought patterns and using great analogies with actual steps to resolve issues.

    Working with Heather, I discovered that the solutions were already in my mind. I now have confidence in my ability to run a business.

    Keron Wright

    Of Counsel, Burke Bogdanowicz

    I recommend Heather to any attorney wanting a bigger book of business.

    Heather spends time getting to know your strengths, weaknessess (real and perceived) and values. This approach helped me laser focus on the business development techniques that fit my personality.

    And she understands the challenges of balancing business development, running a successful practice, and maintaining a personal life.

    Alicia Voltmer

    Partner, Greenberg Traurig LLP

    Heather working in kitchen at computer

    I’m not like most lawyer business coaches…

    Who never practiced law or did but just barely.

      I practiced law for over 18 years and built a thriving ($2.5MM+) business while staying true to myself

      … After losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis (right after being promoted to partner), and also while navigating my way through 2 pregnancies (and bed rests!) and a battle with breast cancer.

      The #1 thing clients tell me is that I’m not just a coach or consultant, but a partner. I’m your biggest cheerleader who’s willing to give you the truth (in a positive way) AND partner with you to figure out your best strategies for achieving the results you want.

      And I’ll be with you every step of the way to keep you accountable to your goals, increase your productivity, and brainstorm with you through roadblocks.

      Ready to get to your next level of success + impact?

      Through Next Level Business Coaching Services We Will Partner Together to Build Your Ideal Law Practice Around  The Lifestyle You Actually Want

      Got Questions? Here are answers to the most common questions…

      How Big Is The Time Commitment (I'm Already So Busy)?

      I’m known for my blunt honesty, and so here’s the truth…

      You need time + space to do this work. And honestly, you make time for the things you care about.

      The question becomes… What do you truly want? If building a profitable, fulfilling practice is top of the list, you won’t ever have it if you don’t first make the time for building it.

      The more time you put in the more you’ll get out of your investment.

      But please note: you’ll be building the foundational skills and habits you need that will save you time and energy in the future. And it won’t take up nearly as much time as you think.

      Our meetings last about 45-50 minutes in length plus you’ll have a 90 minute Deep-Dive Strategy Session with me. Other than that, the amount of time you spend is up to you.

      Why a 12-session commitment (can I choose something less)?

      Making big changes (to your habits, your life and your practice) don’t just happen overnight. This is the minimum time needed to create habits and start seeing real results from your efforts.

      Take a look at the testimonials above to see why this commitment is worth it.

      What Results Can I Expect?

      While I can’t guarantee specific results, I’m 100% committed to you and will always bring my best to our coaching.

      The truth is that there’s no magic bullet. Your results are dependent on the work you put in.

      But know that the framework works. Not only has it worked for me but it has worked for my clients too.

      Is your business where you want it to be? Do you have a clear roadmap for how to get it to where you want it to be? Do you feel confident when it comes to the business-of-law side of the equation?

      If the answer is “no” to any/all of the above, ask whether you can afford NOT to get help (whether it’s from me or someone else).

      I’d rather put my money on a proven coach and attorney who built a $2.5MM+ business of her own and helps her clients do the same using a proven framework vs. hoping “IT” happens on its own soon.

      What's Your Refund Policy?

      No one has ever requested a refund and I don’t expect you to. That’s why we must chat first. It helps:

      • Me determine whether (and how) I can help you,
      • You to get your questions answered, and
      • Both of us to effectively determine whether partnering together is a fit.

      But should you decide – for whatever reason – to cancel after getting started I do have a refund policy (which you’ll find here).

      What's The Process For How This Works?

      Book a call with Heather here to chat about what’s best for you at this time + get your questions answered.

      If we both determine to move forward, you’ll receive an invoice and your coaching contract. Once you’ve paid in full and signed your contract, we’ll get started.

      What About Confidentiality (Especially If My Employer Pays)?

      I take my clients’ privacy and confidentiality seriously, and am subject to the ICF Code of Ethics (which can be found here).

      Before we begin working together, we’ll sign a coaching agreement that contains specific provisions around confidentiality (that will apply to our arrangement regardless of who pays).

      Still have unanswered questions? Email me at heather@heathermoulder.com.