Inside-Out Success Coaching

Retake control of your career to achieve more while doing less (and start having fun again).

You’re respected, make good money and have accomplished a lot.

And yet. . .

»» You often feel distracted by thoughts about what still needs to get done and what could have been done better.

»» You can’t seem to disconnect from work (even when you’re sick or on vacation).

»» You have so little time for self-care that a glass (or two) of wine has become your main form of stress relief (which isn’t working so well).

»» You spend most of your time putting out the hottest fires, which creates new ones for tomorrow (rinse + repeat).

»» You mirror the tactics + behaviors of peers instead of building the career/practice you really want (because it’s what’s expected and you don’t always trust your instincts).

»» You take on too much because you feel guilty saying no. . . yet you also feel resentful for it (and take it out on your partner and kids).

Woman drinking coffee sitting on stairs

You’re not alone

As a smart, ambitious lawyer you put others first and are driven to succeed.  But if left unchecked, it leads you to put your values, desires and ambitions aside, which fuels stress and anxiety (and even makes you question your decisions).  Not only is that unsustainable, but it’s a fast-track to burnout.

That’s where Inside-Out Success Coaching comes in.

Imagine instead. . .

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  • Knowing how to harness your internal energy to quickly release stress, anxiety and worry for more focus and better performance (while working less!).
  • Rewiring your mind for resilience so that you KNOW – from deep within your soul – that you can handle whatever life throws your way (even a global pandemic that turns life + law upside-down).
  • Prioritizing what matters most to you (without guilt or apology), with strong boundaries you feel good about enforcing that give you actual space to think and loads more energy.
  • Having a defined vision for your career/practice with crystal clarity around your next steps so that you can once again feel passionate about the law and excited about your future.
  • Leading with confidence because you trust your instincts, and gaining the recognition & respect you deserve as a result.
  • Simplifying your efforts so that you can achieve more while doing less (and increase your profits + income).

Everyone needs a Heather in their lives

Heather’s insightful and astute – she’s in the right business. Through my work with Heather, I’ve become more self-aware and have learned how to re-frame my thoughts so that I can more effectively reach my goals.

Sabrina McTopy | Partner, Jackson & Walker

The Inside-Out Success Coaching Framework


#1: Rewire Your Mind for Growth + Resilience

→ Become more aware and in control of your thoughts + emotions.

→ Feel grateful for what is (even when working for a better tomorrow).

→ Become a confident leader and take bold, courageous action.

→ Avoid getting stuck in mental ruts + be more present.

#2: Reconnect To Your Values For Confidence + Control

→ Know what motivates + gives you purpose for a renewed sense of passion.

→ Have a defined vision + clear path forward.

→ Trust in yourself and feel content with your decisions.

→ Be in control of your path forward.

#3: Realign Your Life For Success on Your Terms

→ Build a values-based career + practice that leverages your unique strengths.

→ Let go of trying to do it all so that you can do less while achieving more.

→ Increase your productivy, your impact and your income.

→ Have a less complicated, more balanced life (without having to settle).

From a glass that was half-empty to one that’s overflowing (in only a couple of months).

When I first came to Heather I was stuck in a rut, unfocused and felt ineffective (in all areas of my life). Heather helped me figure out what I really want and how to align my decisions around my priorities guilt-free.

I now feel content – both personally and professionally – and can fit the pieces of my life together in a cohesive manner.  And the best part is that I’m putting in less hours at work yet doing better.

Somer Hayes | Attorney, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Simple Strategies That Work

The Inside-Out Success framework utilizes tools from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology that lead to rapid thought & behavioral changes (that stick).  You’ll lead with confidence, simplify your efforts and stop doing it all (and instead build a values-based career and life that you enjoy).

Success is Created from the Inside-Out

By adopting the right strategies to create a calm, healthy mindset and reconnecting to your values you can simplify your efforts and build the legal career + practice you really want.  You’ll do less to achieve (and BE) more.

And my clients prove it.  Here are some of the results that they’ve had:

Increased business by more than $200,000 (in one year)

Signed 5 new clients (in a matter of months)

Made a more than 20x return on investment

Made partner (early) and negotiated a hefty pay raise

Started a new side business and exceeded revenue goals

What You Get With 1-to-1 Coaching

Twice Per Month High-Performance Coaching

1:1 high-level support, coaching and consulting (via Zoom) from someone who’s been there. We’ll work together to master your mindset, regain your confidence and become the leader you’re meant to be so that you can build the career/practice you really want without sacrificing your health, relationships or happiness.

Science-Backed Tools + Strategies

Learn the science-backed tools and strategies for quickly bouncing back from stress, staying present-in-the-moment and intuitively handling whatever life throws your way.


Personalized Resources That Further Your Development

Get assessments, exercises and more that are specifically customized to your needs and designed to transform your insights into effective self-leadership.

Email Support In Between Coaching Sessions

You’ll have access to me in between sessions to ask questions and help you navigate unexpected challenges so that you’re always supported, never overwhelmed.


Post-Session Notes & Recordings

You’ll get post-session follow-up notes and a recording of all of our sessions (if you want it) so that you can be fully relaxed and focused on getting the most out of our time together.

BONUS Mindset Training Sessions

Gain access to my 10 most popular mindset training workshops for short yet effective ways to reduce stress, master your mindset and create healthy long-term habits.  All training sessions will be available online, on demand (so that you can use them as and when needed).

Heather has a unique gift for asking questions that quickly identifY the underlying problems and the right solution

Kathryn Reid | Partner, Rochelle McCullough

Select The Package That’s Right For You.

A monthly payment plan is also available.

3-Month Silver Package: $1,250

This package gives me the time to uncover the root issue(s) holding you back and teach you the tools for cultivating your foundational mindset so that you can make long-lasting changes to your life.

Happy woman reading for leisure
Woman journaling

6-Month Gold Package: $2,400

In addition to finding (and tackling) the root issues and building your foundational mindset, this package gives us the space to uncover a new, purposeful path forward + your next steps along that path.

Work with Heather only if you want to effect real change to your life

Heather is direct, supportive, action-oriented and results-driven.  She’s in pursuit of your deepest truth so that you can gain clarity about what’s truly important to you and then make the changes you want.

Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.

Miranda Holmes | Senior Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management

Discover What’s Possible When You Redefine Success From the Inside-Out

Imagine. . .

  • What would your career, practice and life look + feel like if you reoriented around your values?
  • How much more would you have to give to your clients, your company, your family if you went all-in on yourself?
  • What more could you achieve if you could BE more aligned + authentic?
  • What type of impact could you have on your clients/company, your income and the world if you were more present, engaged and confident?

It’s time to discover what’s possible when you rewire your mind, reconnect to your values and realign your life.

Have questions? Email me at to get your questions answered.

Hey there, I’m Heather.

And have a confession to make. . .

Early in my legal career successful was the LAST word I would have used to describe myself.  Although I had achieved ‘paper success’, I was burning out from 90+ hour work weeks and zero boundaries.

After coming to grips with the fact that things were unsustainable, I decided to redefine success on my own terms.

I built a values-based practice that leveraged my unique strengths while working to get control of my thoughts.  And it worked!  I increased my profits (and my revenue) while also:

  • taking care of myself guilt-free,
  • strengthening my marriage, and
  • staying active in my boys’ lives.

And I was having fun.

I now help ambitious lawyers like you to succeed in BOTH life and law (on your own terms).

Picture of Heather on Couch

Client Success Stories

Heather has a special talent for making people’s lives better.

She quickly uncovered what was really behind my struggles and how to fix them with tangible solutions. Her positive energy is contagious!

Lorilei Cronin

Corporate Counsel II, Pier 1 Imports

Heather will re-energize you both personally and professionally.

I came to Heather feeling stressed and overwhelmed from trying to juggle my current workload with the pressure to build more business. This stress created a vicious cycle of frustration, emotional reactivity and increased stress – and negatively impacted my work relationships.

Heather gave me the tools I needed to uncover my stress triggers, take control of my emotional responses and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure that I felt.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather taught me how to be my own coach, so that I can get from problem to solution on my own.

I came to her feeling unmotivated and without passion for my career, but now genuinely look forward to pursuing my professional goals.

Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

Coaching with Heather was life-changing!

Heather gave me a much-needed voice of reason, encouraged me to dig deep, and helped me to be accountable to myself.  That’s exactly what I needed to get unstuck and start moving in the right direction.

And she taught me how to come up with my desired solutions on my own so that I could achieve higher levels of success in my career that was balanced with a healthy personal life.

Amy Lane

Vice President of Marketing, Lantower Luxury Living

Heather understands the personal and professional challenges of high-achieving professionals.

She gave me the outside perspective I needed to more effectively organize my various ideas into actionable plans and accomplish my goals.

Heather is very easy to talk to, and created a comfortable environment that put me at ease.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP