It’s time to create the success and impact you want.

Lawyer-focused leadership and business coaching to build the practice you actually want. So that you can increase clients, revenues, and income without increasing stress levels.

You’re ready to take ownership of your practice.

And – although you know you should be doing more business development – there’s barely enough time to squeeze your current client + personal obligations into your day (so how?).

If you’re being honest, you’re uncertain about how to get to where you want (or exactly what you want). Yet you know that continuing to mirror the tactics of your peers (most of whom aren’t happy) isn’t going to get you anywhere close to where you’d like to be.

    What you need is…

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      Around what you want (and how to make it happen).

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      A Simple Plan

      That you can be consistent with (even have fun).

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      To ask for business authentically (& feel good).

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      From an expert who will give you a fresh perspective.

      So that you can step into the leader you’re meant to be, build the practice you want (letting go of what everyone else wants from you) and make a bigger impact.

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      There Are 2 Ways To Make That Happen…

      Next Level Coaching


      High-level support, strategic business advice and focused attention from an expert who’s been in your shoes and won’t just tell you what to do but will instead help you uncover your own answers (while sharing what works). Open to partners, of counsel and senior associates trying to make partner.

      ELEVATE Mastermind


      A 6-month group mastermind program exclusively designed for partners, shareholders and of counsel ready to elevate your revenues, income and impact without elevating stress levels. You’ll be challenged to think creatively, held accountable to take consistent action and supported to fulfill your fullest potential.

      I’ve been exactly where you are.

      Everyone thought I had it all. From the outside looking in, I certainly had all the trappings of success. But I was struggling to get everything done and felt anxious from the chaos that was my life.

      And one day, while driving home late one night crying (my main form of stress relief), it hit me. . .

      The intense stress and anxiety I’d been under for so long was changing me into someone I didn’t much like. I knew that it was time to figure it all out.

      Fast-forward several years, and I had made partner in an international law firm with my own book of business (that I eventually built to over $2.5M).  More importantly, I was happy and PROUD of who I was (as a person, attorney, mom and wife).

      Here’s the thing: the secret to success comes from within. What you need is to: (1) REWIRE your mind for resilience + growth, (2) RECONNECT to what gives you purpose, and (3) REALIGN around your priorities.

      And if I can do it, then so can you.

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