Uncage Your Life 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Put Yourself First Without Guilt, Shame or Apology

You’re smart, savvy and successful yet. . . often feel mentally + physically exhausted (which – if you’re being honest – sometimes make you feel overly emotional).

You know you *should* be taking better care of yourself (honestly, you crave some basic self-care). But when? You’re already overcommitted.

And whenever you try to take time for yourself you feel guilty because there’s so much to do.

Yet you also know that ignoring yourself like this is having a real impact in your life. You’re bone tired, constantly snapping at your kids (and coworkers) and starting to tune out your partner.

Although you  keep hoping things will get better, they’re not. If anything, it’s getting worse. 

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The truth is. . . you need to do SOMETHING before you turn into someone you don’t like.

Imagine instead. . .

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  • Having simple go-to exercises that don’t just relieve your stress but prevent much of your stress from happening in the first place so that you can feel calmer, more confident and in control of your life.
  • Knowing exactly what works (and what doesn’t) so that you can simplify your self-care routines and stop feeling overwhelmed but instead feel like you’ve got this.
  • A practical self-care routine that feels almost effortless (as if it’s a natural extension of you).
  • Taking time for self-care without feeling guilty about it (and instead feeling proud about it).
  • Having go-to exercises to quickly calm your mind and be more present so that you can be more productive at work and feel relaxed when spending time with those you love.

It’s time for a self-care reset.

To simplify your self-care and prioritize your wellbeing.

Work with Heather only if you want to effect real change to your life

Heather is direct, supportive, action-oriented and results-driven.  Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.

Miranda Holmes | Senior Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management

Hey there, I’m Heather.  And I have a confession to make. . .

Early in my legal career, I was successful. . . on paper.  The problem was that I had virtually no boundaries and wasn’t taking care of my physical or mental health (kind of hard to do when you’re regularly working 90+ hours per week).

My main form of stress relief was to cry it all out on my way home from work.  In short, I was an emotional train wreck.  That is until. . .

I realized that the problem wasn’t my industry, my employer, the people I worked with, or any of the other things I was blaming my misery on.  The problem was ME.

Here’s the thing. . . success is an inside job.  And it all starts with prioritizing your wellbeing.  Once I started doing that, I was able to achieve higher levels of success without burning out (it’s amazing how much better you’ll perform when your mind is calm and you can think creatively).

That’s what I want for you too (and why I created Uncage Your Life).

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Let me be clear. . . this isn’t just about doing more stuff.

Self-care isn’t about getting a manicure, going to the spa or even working out.  Sure, those things might be activities that you do as part of self-care (but self-care goes way deeper than that).

It all starts with your mindset because success is created from within (and doesn’t exist if you’re not enjoying it).  It’s time to uncage your mind and your life by simplifying self-care.  So that you can prioritize it and stay consistent.

You’ve probably been struggling for months – maybe even years – while searching for ways to feel better. It’s time to stop spinning in circles

Uncage Your Life Coaching Intensive Details

Self-Care Assessment

You’ll fill out a deep dive self-care assessment to help determine where you are now + where best to start for BIG benefits immediately. We’ll use this assessment during our session to create clarity around your next steps to simplifying and prioritizing self-care.

1:1 Strategy + Coaching Session

A 90-minute session where we’ll (1) uncover the obstacles getting in your way + how to move past them, and (2) identify simple self-care strategies to help you start feeling better immediately and stay that way.  You’ll learn practical ways to integrate deep self-care seamlessly into your life.


Uncaged Action Plan

In our session, we’ll create a clear plan of action that’s tailored specifically to your life and what you need.  This plan will be practical, simple, and 100% doable so that you can take action immediately and keep going with it long after our time together.

Just-In-Time Email Coaching

To help you lock in what you’ve learned, feel fully supported as you make changes, and stay accountable to yourself, you’ll have 30 days of just-in-time email coaching from me following our session. This will allow you to ask questions and get additional guidance as you implement your new plan (so that you feel fully supported and never feel overwhelmed).


BONUS: Simplify Self-Care Challenge

After the Uncage Your Life Coaching Session, you’ll get access to my 7-Day Simplify Self-Care Challenge.  This Challenge will help change your entire mentality around self-care so that it’s not just a priority but feels simple, easy and almost effortless.

Your Investment: $197

Heather has a unique ability for asking questions that quickly identify not just the underlying problem – but the right solution

Kathryn Reid | Partner, Rochelle McCullough

Ready to Uncage Your Life?

Step 2. Check your email for your invoice and make payment.  Then be on the lookout for all the information you need to get started.

Step 3. Schedule your appointment and fill out your Self-Care Assessment.



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Client Love

Heather has a special talent for making people’s lives better.

During our Uncage Your Life Coaching Session, she quickly uncovered what was really behind my struggles and how to fix them with tangible solutions. Her positive energy is contagious!

Lorilei Cronin

Corporate Counsel II, Pier 1 Imports

Heather will re-energize you both personally and professionally.

I came to Heather feeling stressed and overwhelmed from trying to juggle my current workload with the pressure to build more business. This stress created a vicious cycle of frustration, emotional reactivity and increased stress – and negatively impacted my work relationships.

Heather gave me the tools I needed to uncover my stress triggers, take control of my emotional responses and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure that I felt.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather helped me make a decision that gave me peace of mind.

Heather helped reduce the complexity of my situation so that I could clearly see my options. Her coaching enabled me to make a final decision that gave me peace of

Natalie White

Senior Software Developer

I can’t recommend Heather enough!

For years I’ve felt stuck, like every time I take a step forward I take two steps back.  In just one half-hour session, Heather was able to help me pinpoint the root of my problem and make me aware of the underlying issues holding me back.  Thank you, Heather, for opening my eyes and giving me clear, actionable steps to take next!

Carla Biesinger

Online Marketing Coach