Uncage Your Life 1:1 Coaching Session

A Self-Care Reset to Simplify and Prioritize Your Wellbeing (Without Guilt)

You’re a high-achiever that gets things done.

Yet you’re so overcommitted that you’re in a near-constant state of stress, rushing to get everything done.  And there’s zero time for even basic self-care (that you desperately need).

You’re worried about the impact this is having on your health and relationships. And you know that, should you keep going as-is, you might just lose it. Because there’s so much emotion going on within (that keeps getting ignored).

Whenever you try to take any time for yourself, you feel guilty about all the things that you’re not getting done. Besides, it feels overwhelming just thinking about adding one more thing to your long list of to-do’s. Where would you even begin?

You’ve been hoping that things will get better on their own yet they’re not.

Deep down, you know that you need to be the one to make it better.

The truth is that you need to do SOMETHING before you turn into someone that you don’t like.


  • Having simple go-to exercises that don’t just relieve your stress but prevent it from ever happening in the first place so that you can feel calmer, more confident and in control of your life. 
  • Knowing exactly what works (and what doesn’t) so that you can simplify your self-care routines and stop feeling overwhelmed but instead feel confident and like you’ve got this.
  • A practical self-care routine that makes you feel so amazing that it becomes a natural extension of you (almost effortless).
  • Prioritizing your own wellbeing and feeling fantastic for and about it because you know that you’re doing what’s best for your health while also enabling you to serve others to the best of your ability.

  • Having go-to exercises to quickly calm your mind, be more present and stay focused so that you can relax when spending time with those you love.

It’s time for a self-care reset to uncage you from the trap you’re stuck in.

Hey there, I’m Heather.  I help successful yet unfulfilled and overwhelmed professionals create a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle that’s actually fun without sacrificing their success. 

The foundation to it all is to create a resilient mind that prioritizes self-care.

That’s what Uncage Your Life helps you to do.  In Uncage Your Life, you’ll learn how to rethink and simplify self-care so that you can prioritize it and start feeling better NOW.

Let me be clear: this isn’t just about doing stuff.  It’s about retraining your mind for growth, presence and resilience.

You’ve probably been struggling for months – maybe even years – to find ways to feel better.  It’s time to stop spinning in circles. 

Uncage Your Life Includes:

Self-Care Assessment

You’ll fill out a deep dive self-care assessment to help determine where you are now + where best to start for BIG benefits immediately. We’ll use this assessment during our session to create clarity around your next steps to simplifying and prioritizing self-care.

Get Uncaged Coaching + Strategy Session

During this 90-minute phone or zoom session, we’ll:

  • Uncover the obstacles getting in your way of making YOU and YOUR WELL-BEING a priority so that you can tackle + move past them.
  • Identify simple self-care techniques, strategies, and exercises that you can quickly start using to feel better NOW.

By the end of this session, you’ll have simple + practical ways to integrate deep self-care seamlessly into your life, making you feel better quickly and keeping your cup full moving forward.  Not only will you be your best, but this is what will enable you to serve others to the best of your abilities.

Uncaged Action Plan

In our session, we’ll create a clear plan of action that’s tailored specifically to your life and what you need.  This plan will be practical, simple, and 100% doable so that you can take action immediately and keep going with it long after our time together.

BONUS #1: 30 Days of Access to Me

To help you lock in what you’ve learned, feel fully supported as you make changes, and stay accountable to yourself, you’ll have 30 days of just-in-time email coaching from me following our session. 

During this time, you can email me with questions about how to get past roadblocks and challenges you’re facing – and I’ll respond (during business hours) with my best tips to help you through it all.  This isn’t something I usually offer so be sure you take advantage of it!

BONUS #2: Simplify Self-Care Challenge

After our session is over, you’ll get access to my 7-Day Simplify Self-Care Challenge.  This Challenge will help change your entire mentality around self-care so that it’s not just a priority but feels simple, easy, and almost effortless.

Reset Self-Care to Uncage Your Life

Uncage Your Life is your jumpstart to simplifying self-care and actually prioritizing it – without guilt.  And it’s the foundation to feeling calm, confident, and in control of your life. It’s time to start living life on your own terms.

Your Investment: $197

Your next steps:

Step 1. Click the button below to get started.  Once you’ve paid, you’ll be taken to a quick intake form to give me your contact information and agree to the Terms of Service (please review the Terms of Service here first).

Step 2. Once you’ve paid and agreed to the Terms of Service, you’ll receive (via email):

  • a Welcome Email (with your Self-Care Assessment and other important information), and
  • a link to schedule your Strategy + Coaching Session.

Step 3: Schedule your Strategy + Coaching Session and fill out and submit your Self-Care Assessment electronically.  Your Assessment must be submitted to me at least 12 hours prior to our coaching session.

Step 4: At our scheduled time, we’ll jump on our call to reset your self-care and get you uncaged.

By buying this package, you agree to my Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Have questions? Contact me here or email me at heather@heathermoulder.com.

For years I’ve felt stuck, like every time I take a step forward I take two steps back.  In just one half-hour session, Heather was able to help me pinpoint the root of my problem and make me aware of the underlying issues holding me back.  Thank you, Heather, for opening my eyes and giving me clear, actionable steps to take next!  I can’t recommend Heather enough!

Carla Biesinger

Online Marketing Coach

I came to Heather with a glass that was half empty and now have a glass that’s overflowing!

Somer Hayes


Heather helped reduce the complexity of my situation so that I could clearly see my options. Her coaching enabled me to make a final decision that gave me peace of mind.

Natalie White

Senior Software Developer