Thrive Attorney Mastermind

Increase your business, profits and income without burning out (and make practicing law fun again).

You’re known as an action-taker who loves to serve your clients.  And (in all honesty), you’re really good at what you do. But. . .

As if the long hours weren’t enough, building your practice is getting more complicated.

You’re wearing too many hats. . . advisor, consultant, leader, manager, business strategist, salesperson, marketing specialist, client relations manager (and that’s not all!).

Many would call you successful, yet you sometimes wonder whether it’s worth it.  There’s no room for mistakes and the pressure to deliver top-notch work (fast!) while also developing business has you in a near-constant state of stress and anxiety.

Balance sounds nice but. . . is that really possible?  Would it mean settling?

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You KNOW you need a better long-term strategy. One that helps you navigate the changes ahead and takes advantage of the opportunities certain to arise. But sometimes you’re not sure exactly how to do that (or how to fit it all in).

What you do know is that the passion you once felt for the profession + your practice is waning.  You’re frustrated and a little jealous of those who seem to have figured it out (sometimes you even find yourself doubting yourself).

It’s time to re-think how to approach your practice.

And start building the one you want.

Any of this sound familiar?

→ You put everything you have into getting the BEST result possible for your clients (while putting yourself dead last).

→ You’re putting in more hours yet still struggling to get it all done.

→ Despite your best efforts to manage the competing demands of your clients and firm, most days are spent putting out the hottest fires (which creates new ones for tomorrow).

→ You keep mirroring the tactics and strategies of successful peers (who don’t seem all that happy, so why?).

→ You worry that you might be spending your time and energy on all the wrong things, and that you’ll never grow your business to the level you want as a result.

→ You’d rather do anything other than attend yet another networking event (especially if it’s online) or give yet another pitch to a sure-to-be-unmanageable potential client.

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How Would >>

Your practice and your life change if you had:

→ a clear vision for your practice that excites you,

→ a simple plan for making your vision a reality that you can take action on consistently, and

→ the support of professionals who are on the same journey to keep you on track so that you can get to where you want to go (more quickly)?

Imagine instead. . .

  • Having a defined vision for your practice that creates clarity about your path forward.
  • Having a simple, clear business and marketing plan that focuses on what will positively impact your business + career right now (and into the long-term).
  • Taking consistent action on your plan in genuine, authentic ways that you enjoy and are good at.
  • Cultivating strong relationships with clients and potential clients that are a joy to work with, increase your bottom line, and make client development something you don’t just make time for but WANT to do (because it’s fun).
  • Knowing how to harness your internal energy and release stress, anxiety and worry so that you can once again feel passionate about your practice and increase your performance.
  • Having the support of a group of like-minded individuals who see your full potential, challenge you to be your best, and connect you with resources to help you and your business thrive.
  • Getting the guidance and knowledge of an experienced coach and attorney who’s committed to your success and knows what it takes to build a successful business that’s balanced with a fulfilling personal life.

Introducing THRIVE Mastermind

For attorneys who want to build a profitable practice that’s balanced with a real life.

Masterminds are a secret weapon of corporate executives and high-powered entreprenuers.  Unfortunately, most attorneys aren’t familar with them.

That changes now.

Why a Mastermind?

Success isn’t as complicated as many believe.  It’s about doing what works on a consistent basis and letting go of the rest.

But like most high-achievers, you’ve been convinced to do it all while going solo (which is counterproductive to your success).

Even the most dedicated get pulled off track, face uncertainty when things don’t go as planned and feel the need to do all the things (their peers appear to be doing).  The most successful counteract all of that by surrounding themselves with mentors and peers who share wisdom, provide support, and keep them focused.

That’s what masterminds are all about. . . and why they’re so effective.


The THRIVE Mastermind was a life raft that calmed my mind and helped me think more strategically through the COVID shutdown.

The group especially helped to give me perspective. I’ve always believed I needed to figure out everything on my own, but now know that’s not true.

Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson & Walker

You chose this profession for a reason.  You’re not meant to just survive but to. . .

Serve, lead and make a difference.

And so you have a choice to make. . .

Take the path of other high-powered professionals and business owners by surrounding yourself with a group of people dedicated to your growth and success (aka a Mastermind) or keep limping along, frustrated.

THRIVE Mastermind: What To Expect

Group Support

Meet regularly with a curated group of individuals that challenge you to be your best, help you problem-solve, and keep you accountable so that you can achieve your goals.


Get the knowledge + guidance of an experienced coach and attorney who’s been exactly where you are now and has navigated her way into a thriving practice and personal life.


Plan of Action

Meet 1:1 with Heather in a jump-start strategy session to get clear around your goals & create a simple, values-based business plan that’s easy to implement and will get you results.

Save Time

The group and your coach will help you keep things simple and avoid common business development pitfalls, giving you valuable time back for the things that matter most to you.

Systems + Structure

Learn how to implement the tools, systems and structure you need to create momentum and keep you going (even when the world goes crazy, like during a pandemic).


A mastermind is designed to help you make better decisions faster so that you can simplify your actions and instead be more strategic. You’ll finally feel in control of your practice and life.

Release Stress & Take Control

Learn how to take control of your mind so that you can release stress and anxiety, harness internal energy and be consistent in your actions (even develop them into habits). This will enable you to perform at a higher level without burning out (instead you’ll feel calm, confident and in control).


Through the Mastermind, I learned that small habits can create big changes (and that I’d been sidelining myself assuming that I didn’t have time for proper business development).

My favorite part of the Mastermind was the group. Even though our core experiences divurged, we faced many of the same issues and worked through our challenges in a collective problem-solving format that was incredibly helpful.

I recommend the Mastermind to any lawyer that wants to maximize long-term business and professional development (especially anyone who needs a better balance between work and business development).

Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

The THRIVE Mastermind Details

Monthly Mastermind Group Sessions

Meet monthly for 6 months with a specially curated group of attorneys hand-picked to complement your goals and strengths. [Value: $5,000]


Jump-Start Strategy Session

You’ll get started with an initial 90-minute strategy session with me to set + clarify your goals and get started on your simplified business and marketing plan. [Value: $950]

1:1 Support

Get access to me for 1:1 laser coaching & consulting up to twice per month on an as-needed basis so that you can bust through any internal roadblocks that are getting in your way to fullfilling your goals and business plan.  [Value $2,500]

On-Demand Coaching

So that you’re always fully supported, you’ll also have access to me in between Mastermind sessions during business hours for just-in-time email coaching.  [Value $1,500]


Monthly Online Training

Every month I’ll deliver a customized audio training designed to keep you moving forward.  This way you’ll always know what to be doing, when (and won’t get stuck in mental ruts).  [Value $1,500]


BONUS #1: Access to All Online Offerings

Get access to all of my online offerings (including the Master Your Mindset Bundle and ACHIEVE, my annual goal setting and achievement training).  [Value $500]

BONUS #2: Price Lock-In

Lock in the current price for another 6 months should you choose to continue in the Mastermind. NOTE: the price WILL be increasing (likely by a significant amount) in the Fall of 2021.

Investment: $3,500.


The Mastermind (and what I got out of it) far exceeded my expectations.  I was surprised by how much candor and honest reflection was involved in the group.  This level of trust was a critical element of the program – I felt like I was working with trusted friends who had my best interests in mind.

And I increased my business by more than $100,000 while working with Heather.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Success Is Created From The Inside-Out

By adopting the right mindset, being strategic and taking consistent action.  And my clients prove it.

Here are some of the results they’ve had:

Increased business by more than $200,000 (in one year)

Signed 5 new clients (in a matter of months)

Made a more than 20x return on investment

Made partner (early) and negotiated a 25% pay raise

Started a new side business and exceeded new client goals

This Program Is For You If:


  • You can’t wait to get clear about your next steps and get started making your long-term business vision a reality.
  • You’re tired of playing small and are instead ready to leverage your strengths for massive growth and traction in your practice.
  • You’re willing to make an investment in the growth of your business and have the cashflow to allow for that.
  • You’re ready for success on your own terms (and done with playing by everyone else’s rules).
Picture of Heather at Desk
Desktop with laptop

This Program Is NOT For You If:


  • You’re considering changing careers or going in-house (we should talk about individual coaching instead).
  • You think you know it all and aren’t willing to take advice or constructive feedback (this will benefit you only if you’re open to new ways of thinking + differing opinions).
  • You don’t have the funds to make an investment in your business right now.
  • You want 1:1 consulting and/or coaching instead of contributing your knowledge to a group of like-minded, ambitous professionals (masterminds are a two-way street).

Your Next Step to Personal & Professional Success On Your Own Terms

You have high standards.  So do I.  And we need to make certain this is the right fit for you.

Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation call to determine whether the Mastermind would be a good fit + get your questions answered. Please be sure to answer all questions and hit submit (otherwise, your appointment won’t be scheduled).

If you’re a good fit, you’ll be offered a spot (at which time you’ll determine whether or not to move forward).

About Heather Moulder

Heather is a former partner of an AmLaw 100 firm.  During her 18+ year legal career, she:

  • served as an office practice leader,
  • was recognized on numerous occasions by Best Lawyers in America (Banking and Finance), and
  • built a profitable legal practice (with a $2.5MM+ book of business).

And she did all that while having 2 kids, being on bed rest (twice), navigating the 2008 market crash, and battling breast cancer.

In 2017 Heather left the full-time practice of law to establish her coaching and consulting business, where she uses her unique framework for inside-out success to help attorneys and other service professionals balance a profitable, fulfilling business with a real life.

Clients value Heather’s no-BS (yet approachable) manner, insightful problem-solving skills, and insane ability to uncomplicate the seemingly complex.

She offers practical, simplified solutions that get results.

Picture of Heather

More Client Love

Heather’s experience and guidance has been invaluable

Heather has helped me to continue my professional development and to maximize my effectiveness as a leader and manager. She not only provides a fresh perspective and support, but also challenges my thinking.

Roxanne Edwards
Partner, Klemchuk LLP


If you’re someone who struggles to make decisions and overanalyzes potential problems, Heather will put you on a fast-track out of that mindset.

As a result of working with Heather, I am much more content and trust that I can come up with the right solutions. I’m putting in less hours at the office, but am a better attorney and have more time for business development.

Somer H., Attorney with AmLaw 100 Law Firm

Heather has a laser-focused ability to quickly get to the essence of what’s most important & how to create a new path forward.

Work with Heather only if you want to effect real change to your life.  Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.

Miranda Holmes, Senior Managing Director with First Republic Invesment Management


Heather gave me a much-needed voice of reason, encouraged me to dig deep, and taught me how to analyze the thought processes that were at the root of my problems. Working with her was life-changing.

Amy L., Marketing Director with Commercial Real Estate Management Firm