A high-level mastermind for ambitious attorneys and service professionals ready to create a more profitable and fulfilling practice (that’s balanced with a real life).

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Because you’re ready to feel passionate about your career & life again.

You’re a doer.  An action-taker.  And (in all honesty) you’re really good at what you do.

The problem is that you’re wearing too many hats. . . advisor, consultant, leader, manager, business strategist, salesperson, marketing specialist, client relations manager (and that’s not all of them!).  And juggling it all is simultaneously tedious yet stressful (even overwhelming).

Balance sounds nice, but you often question whether it’s really possible (and worry it means settling).  Yet you don’t want to sacrifice your health, your family or your personal happiness for your career either!

And although your business is doing okay, you seem to have hit a plateau.  What’s worse is that the passion you once felt for your career sometimes feels like it’s slipping away, and you’re left feeling. . .

Frustrated, a little jealous of those who seem to have figured it out, and uncertain about what to do.

It’s time for a clear vision of what you really want, simple steps to get you there, and the support you need to make your vision a reality.

Do you sometimes (or even often). . .

→ Question why you’re mirroring the tactics and strategies of successful peers (who don’t seem very happy)?

→ Feel stressed (even anxious) from the constant juggling act of serving your clients, building a bigger book of business, leading your team, and – oh yeah – being there for your family?

→ Dream of a balanced lifestyle yet worry that it’s impossible (or at least precludes achieving high levels of success in your career)?

→ Think that you’d rather do anything other than attend yet another networking event or give yet another pitch to a sure-to-be-unmanageable potential client?

→ Wonder when (and how) your formerly passionate, ready-to-take-on-the-world outlook became so jaded?

→ Worry that you’re spending your time and energy on all the wrong things (and will never grow your business to the level you want as a result), yet don’t know what to change?

How Would >>

Your life, your business, and your career trajectory change if you had a clear vision of where you want to go, a simple plan for making your vision a reality, and the support of a group of like-minded professionals helping you take consistent, intentional action to get you where you want to go?

Imagine. . .

  • A business plan that’s aligned with your values and gives you a clear vision of where you want to go a year – even five years – from now.
  • Letting go of all the so-called rules and the practices of your peers, and instead focusing only on what will positively impact your business + career right now.
  • Putting together a marketing plan that excites you and actually LOVING client development.
  • Making more money while replacing the impossible-to-please clients with individuals who value your service, respect you as a human being, and are a joy to serve.
  • Replacing the stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm with calm self-confidence and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Feeling energized by and passionate about your career again.
  • Having the support of a group of like-minded individuals who see your full potential, challenge you to be your best, and connect you with resources to help you and your business thrive.
  • Getting the guidance and knowledge of an experienced coach and attorney who’s committed to your success and knows what it takes to build a successful business that’s balanced with a fulfilling personal life.

Introducing THRIVE Mastermind

A high-level mastermind for ambitious service professionals ready to up-level your career, your book of business and your personal life without up-leveling your stress.

THRIVE Mastermind is for individuals who are serious about taking control of your personal and professional paths so that you can create inside-out success on your terms.

Why a Mastermind?

Success isn’t as complicated as many believe.  It’s about (1) doing what works (and dropping the rest), and (2) staying the course (consistency is key).

The problem is that most professionals try to do this on their own.  And that’s just plain hard.

Even the most dedicated can be pulled off-track by bright, shiny objects, feel uncertain when things get tough and falsely believe you have to do all the things (everyone else appears to be doing).

High-powered, successful people know that the secret to real success is. . . getting HELP.

That’s why they create a network of individuals that will help keep them accountable, support them through tough times, and share their wisdom.

That’s what masterminds are all about – and why they’re so effective.

And so. . .

You can choose to keep limping along as-is, continuing to feel frustrated.

Or you can take the path of other high-powered business owners & entrepreneurs by surrounding yourself with a group of people dedicated to your growth and success (aka a MASTERMIND).


Have long been the secret weapon of corporate executives and high-powered entreprenuers.  Unfortunately, most attorneys and other service professionals don’t know much about them.

That changes now.

THRIVE Mastermind: What To Expect

Mastermind Group

Twice per month outcome-driven calls with fellow members over a period of six months, where you’ll be challenged to be your best while getting the help you need to refine your strategies, problem-solve, and create transformational change in your career and life.

Leadership + Experience

The knowledge, guidance and support of an experienced coach and attorney who’s been exactly where you are now and has navigated her way into a thriving business and personal life (both as an attorney and now as a business owner).

Individual Support

You’ll initially meet 1:1 with Heather for a jump-start strategy session to get clear around your goals and your plans.  Plus, you’ll get 2 individual coaching sessions & email access to Heather during the Mastermind period for quick, just-in-time coaching.

Plan of Action

You’ll get clarity around what you want and how to make it happen.  And then you’ll put together a simple business and marketing plan that aligns with your values, your strengths, your personality and your desires.  Bottom line: more clients, more money, more fun.

Systems + Structure

The structure of the THRIVE Mastermind will give you the knowledge, support, and accountability needed to create momentum and keep you going.  Plus, you’ll get the tools and systems you need to keep you on track.

Focus + Implementation

Focus, better decisions (faster) and implementation is what a mastermind is all about.  You’ll be taking strategic action on a simplified plan that will give you real results.  And that means feeling more organized, confident and in control than ever before.

Simplifying + Doing Less Are Key to Creating the Business and Life You Want

We’ll work together as a group to keep you focused on what’s important, streamline your systems and implement your plan of action.

The end result?


A more profitable, sustainable practice.  A more balanced lifestyle.  Fulfilling work.  Lots more fun.

Heather has a laser-focused ability to quickly get to the essence of what’s most important & how to create a new path forward.

Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.  She’s enabled me to confidently determine what actions need to be taken moving forward in order to live the life I want.

Miranda H., Senior Managing Director with a Wealth Management Firm

The THRIVE Mastermind Details

12 Mastermind Sessions

You’ll meet 12 times from January through July via Zoom video conference with a group of ambitious service professionals hand-picked to complement your goals and strengths, and support your growth. [Value: $5,000+]

Jump-Start Strategy Session

You’ll get started with an initial 90-minute strategy session with me to set + clarify your goals and get started on your simplified business and marketing plan. [Value: $950]

Individual Coaching Sessions

During the Mastermind period, you’ll have 2 individual coaching sessions with Heather for individual support + coaching to help you bust through any internal roadblocks that are getting in your way to full goal-achievement.  [Value $833]

BONUS: Just-In-Time Coaching

As a bonus, you’ll have access to me (and other Mastermind members) in between Mastermind sessions via email + Voxer so that you’re always fully supported.  [Value $1,500]


BONUS: Access to All Online Offerings

Free access to all online offerings (including a Membership Site coming during Q1 of 2020) during the Mastermind period.  [Value $1,200]

The value of a mastermind is immense.  That’s why most business masterminds range from $5,000 – $10,000 (and go even higher).

THRIVE Mastermind is worth more than $9,000 – especially if you factor into the equation your business growth as a result of taking intentional, strategic action through the Mastermind.  But I want to make this a no-brainer for you. . .

Your Investment: $3,000 (payment plan is available).

There’s no room for excuses.

No allowance for playing small.

And zero tolerance for putting yourself last.

This Program Is For You If:


  • You can’t wait to get clear about your next steps and get started making your long-term business vision a reality.
  • You’re tired of playing small and are instead ready to leverage your strengths for massive growth and traction in your area of expertise.
  • You’re willing to make an investment in the growth of your business and have the cashflow to allow for that.
  • You’re ready for success on your own terms (and done with playing by everyone else’s rules).

This Program Is NOT For You If:


  • You’re looking for life coaching or considering changing careers ( we should talk about individual coaching instead).
  • You think you know it all and aren’t willing to take advice or constructive feedback (this will benefit you only if you’re open to new ways of thinking + differing opinions).
  • You don’t have the funds to make an investment in your business right now.
  • You want 1:1 consulting and/or coaching instead of contributing your knowledge to a group of like-minded, ambitous professionals (masterminds are a two-way street).

Heather understands the personal and professional challenges of high-achieving professionals and business owners

Heather gave me the outside perspective I needed to more effectively organize my various ideas into actionable plans, enabling me to better accomplish my goals.

Jim C., IP Litigation Partner in Boutique Law Firm

Your Next Steps to Personal and Professional Success On Your Own Terms

You have high standards.  So do I.  And we need to make certain this is the right fit for you.

Follow the steps below to apply for the THRIVE Mastermind.  You’ll fill out a quick form and will schedule a time for us to talk (where you can get your questions answered + determine whether the Mastermind would be a good fit).

This in NO WAY obligates you to join the Mastermind.

Your Next Steps:


⇒⇒ Step 1. Click the button below to schedule a time to chat and fill out an application. You’ll be asked to pick a time first and will then be taken to the application.  Please be sure to fill everything out and submit (otherwise, your appointment won’t be scheduled).

⇒⇒ Step 2.  At our scheduled time, we’ll jump on our call to determine whether the THRIVE Mastermind is a good fit and get any questions you have answered.

⇒⇒ Step 3.  If you’re a good fit for the Mastermind, you’ll be invited to join THRIVE Mastermind.  This does not obligate you to join (you’ll make that decision for yourself).

Have questions? Email me at

Heather Moulder

Heather is a former partner of an AmLaw 100 firm.  During her 18+ year legal career, she served as an office practice leader, was recognized on numerous occasions by Best Lawyers in America (Banking and Finance), and built a profitable legal practice while balancing her role as mom and wife.

In 2017, Heather decided to leave the full-time practice of law to establish her coaching and consulting business.  She provides personalized coaching and consulting to professionals seeking a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

When serving her clients, Heather combines her legal and management background with effective coaching techniques & knowledge from the fields of neuroscience and psychology.  Clients value Heather for her no-BS (yet approachable) manner, insightful problem-solving skills, and insane ability to uncomplicate the seemingly complex.

She offers practical, simplified solutions that get results.

More Client Love

I’m More Fulfilled and Better Able to Pursue My Professional Goals.

When I came to Heather, I was lacking the passion and drive for my career that I once had and didn’t perceive that I was living a meaningful life.  But now I’m genuinely looking forward to how everything plays out.

Kathryn R., Partner in Commercial Litigation Law Firm


If you’re someone who struggles to make decisions and overanalyzes potential problems, Heather will put you on a fast-track out of that mindset.

As a result of working with Heather, I am much more content and trust that I can come up with the right solutions. I’m putting in less hours at the office, but am a better attorney and have more time for business development.

Somer H., Attorney with AmLaw 100 Law Firm

Heather’s experience and guidance has been invaluable

Heather has allowed me to continue my professional development and has helped me to maximizemy effectiveness as a leader and manager. She not only provides a fresh perspective and support, but also challenges my thinking.

Roxanne E., Managing Principal in Boutique Law Firm


Heather gave me a much-needed voice of reason, encouraged me to dig deep, and taught me how to analyze the thought processes that were at the root of my problems. Working with her was life-changing.

Amy L., Marketing Director with Commercial Real Estate Management Firm