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Improve Your Client Development ROI

Spend Less Time, See Better Results.

FREE workshop for lawyers

September 15th, 12:30 PM EST / 11:30 AM CST

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Heather Moulder, J.D. | Lawyer Leadership & Business Coach

A FREE Workshop Training For Lawyers Who Are:

Wanting more clients, originations and income (without spending every waking hour to make it happen).

Tired of hearing about the (much higher) originations of colleagues who aren’t even the best technical lawyers.

Uncertain where to focus your efforts for maximum return (your approach is scattershot instead of strategic).

Uncomfortable with pushy sales tactics (you went to law school to be a lawyer, not sell).

How To Improve Your Client Development ROI Will Teach You:

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  • 5 common business development mistakes (costing you time + money), and how to correct them.
  • How to create an effective client development plan you’ll enjoy implementing.
  • The #1 strategy that is statistically proven to increase ROI by up to 50%.
  • How to sell effectively (without the need for pushy sales tactics).
  • How to grow your practice spending less time networking (including a simple tool to help you out).
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Meet Heather

Heather Moulder is a former Big Law partner turned high-performance coach and host of the Life & Law Podcast. After more than 18 years in private practice and a battle with breast cancer, she traded in her $2.5MM practice to help lawyers become happily successful.

Heather helps her clients confidently build the practice they actually want while ditching stress, people-pleasing and overthinking for good. Clients have been known to double annual revenues (even get a more than 20x ROI) while reenergizing professionally.

When not helping her clients achieve more doing less, you’ll either find Heather cooking a never-guess-it’s-gluten-free meal from scratch or cheering on her 2 baseball-obsessed (only slightly mischievous) boys in the searing hot Texas sun.

Picture of Heather Moulder

Ready To Improve Your Client Development ROI

(For More Clients, Revenues & Income)?

Everyone needs a Heather in their lives.

I’d recommend Heather unreservedly to anyone wanting objective strategic legal career + business advice and accountability.

Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson & Walker

Thank you Heather for helping me think through my practice inside-out so that I could achieve my goals.

Working with Heather has put me on track to reach (even exceed) my revenue goal for the year.

Keron Wright

Managing Partner, Wright Legal Services PLLC

Work with Heather if you want to be reenergized professionally while growing your business.

Heather helped me simplify things while giving me the tools I needed to let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure and overwhelm I previously felt.

I increased my book of business by $100,000 and am maximizing my effectiveness as a manager and leader.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP

The results speak for themselves… more than a 20x ROI.

Heather will help you get to the next level without losing yourself in the process.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather helped me create actionable solutions I can implement immediately.

The business development intimidation factor that had been holding me back has been eliminated.

Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

If you struggle to make decisions and overanalyze potential problems, Heather will put you on a fast-track out of that mindset.

Somer Hayes

Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

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