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Build a Profitable, Fulfilling Legal Practice Without Burning Out

Because your business should fuel (not drain) you.

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You provide top-notch services and are (in all honesty) really good at what you do. But. . .

The long hours and high-pressure nature of your practice (along with the demand to do more, faster) has taken a toll physically, mentally/psychologically and spiritually.

Although people would call you successful, you most often feel stressed, overwhelmed and worried about where work will come from and how you’ll fare in an ever-changing environment.

What’s worse is that business has become more complicated.  You feel like you’re wearing too many hats. . . advisor, consultant, leader, manager, business strategist, salesperson, marketing specialist, client relations manager (and that’s not all!).

Balance sounds nice, but you question whether it’s really possible (and worry it means settling).

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And now the coronvirus has made everything even more complicated and difficult.

You KNOW you need a better long-term strategy that helps you navigate the changes ahead and takes advantage of the opportunities certain to arise. But how do you differentiate the good opportunities from the ones that will bust? And how do you fit anything else in without totally burning out?

What you know is that you need to figure this out because the passion you once felt for your career is waning, making you feel frustrated and (if you’re being completely honest) a little jealous of those who have figured it out. You’re ready to take control of your personal and professional paths.

It’s time to re-think your approach to your practice and your life.

So that you can achieve success from the inside-out (not just on paper)

Any of this sound familiar?

→ You put everything you have into getting the BEST result possible for your clients (while putting yourself dead last).

→ Despite your best efforts to manage the competing demands required of you, most days are spent putting out the hottest fires (which then creates new ones for tomorrow).

→ You don’t have much time to care for yourself, and so your main form of stress relief is a glass (or more) of wine each evening (which isn’t working so well).

→ You often feel bombarded by a labyrinth of thoughts about what’s not yet done, what could have been done differently and so on (that you can’t stop no matter how hard you try).

→ You want to lead and make a difference in the world (after all, it’s why you chose this profession in the first place), but often feel as if you’re not enough and worry that you’ll fail.

→ You keep mirroring the tactics and strategies of successful peers (who don’t seem all that happy, so why?).

→ You worry that you might be spending your time and energy on all the wrong things, and that you’ll never grow your business to the level you want as a result.

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Deep-down you know that you must make some changes.  But you’re not sure where to start and worry that you’ll waste precious time & energy doing all the wrong things.

After all, you’ve worked hard for everything that you’ve accomplished and don’t want to lose ground.

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Imagine instead. . .

  • Having a defined values-based vision for yourself and your practice, with a clear business & marketing plan (that’s easy to follow) so that you can rekindle the passion you once felt for your career and feel confident about the future of your practice.
  • Focusing only on what will positively impact your business + career right now while letting go of all the so-called rules and practices of everyone else.
  • Knowing how to harness your internal energy and release stress, anxiety and worry so that you can increase your focus, productivity and performance (yet spend less time working).
  • Prioritizing your own health and well being without guilt, shame or compromise for a happier, healthy mindset and more time for you, important relationships, hobbies and actual fun.
  • Having the guidance and knowledge of an experienced coach and attorney who’s committed to your success and knows how to effectively balance building a successful business with a real life.

You chose your career for a reason. There was purpose behind it.

And you’re meant to serve, lead and make a difference (not just survive).

But your client-centric, results-oriented focus to get the BEST results possible for those you serve has gotten in the way.  There’s very little space for long-term strategy around business development. And there’s no room for YOU.

And here’s the thing. . .

The secret to success is that it starts from within.

What that means is having a defined sense of purpose and an understanding of how to overcome worry, anxiety and fear (that gets in everyone’s way) so that you can:

  • See a clear path forward (that actually excites you),
  • Stay calm under pressure while seamlessly handling anything life throws your way (even a global pandemic),
  • Increase your performance and fulfill your full potential while spending less time working.

That’s why building your practice from the inside-out is necessary. It bridges the gap between you and your business so that you can build a sustainable practice that’s not just profitable, but also fulfilling and fun.

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Everyone needs a Heather in their lives

Heather has been a supporting presence, particularly during the pandemic. I’d recommend Heather unreservedly to anyone wanting objective strategic legal career advice and accountability.

Sabrina McTopy | Partner, Jackson & Walker

How High Performance Lawyer Coaching & Consulting Works


Step 1: Assess

We’ll assess your needs (so you can meet them) and get clarity around what’s working, what isn’t and all the things getting in your way + making you feel stuck. 

Step 2: Empower

Rewire your mind for presence & resilience to create space to think clearly and release stress, anxiety and worry (that boosts self-confidence).

Step 3: Strategy

Develop a clear vision for what you want & create a simple business plan to get you there that leverages your strengths (for more fun + fulfillment).


Step 4: Align

Realign your life and practice around your priorities while following your simplified business plan so that you can grow your business in a way that’s meaningful without sacrificing your personal health or relationships.

Step 5: Impact

Strengthen your leadership skills and take your mindset to the next level so that you can perform at your peak (with increased mental stamina), make a bigger impact and create a legacy that you’re proud of.

You Don’t Need Yet Another Thing to Add to Your Already Busy Schedule

Through THRIVE High Performance Lawyer Coaching & Consulting you’ll learn how to release stress and let go of doing it all while getting the structure + support you need to stay focused on what’s important, streamline your systems, and simplify your business (and life).

The result is a profitable, thriving practice that’s balanced with a real life.

Heather will challenge you, but do the work and you’ll see results

Heather has a unique ability to ask questions that get to the heart of what’s going on and enables me to readily identify the right solutions.   Working with her has helped me create actionable, real-world solutions that I can implement immediately in my business.

Kathryn Reid | Partner, Rochelle McCullough

THRIVE High Performance Lawyer Coaching & Consulting Details

6 Months of High-Performance Coaching & Consulting

We’ll meet 12 times over the course of 6 months (via Zoom) to (1) uncover what’s getting in your way from creating the success you want, and (2) identify simple solutions to more quickly get you to where you want to be. Plus, you’ll receive the knowledge and guidance of an experienced coach and attorney who’s been exactly where you are and knows what it takes to create a thriving business (even when the world goes crazy, like during a pandemic).


Business Strategy Session

A 90-minute business strategy session where we’ll work together to set + clarify your goals and create your simplified business and marketing plan. This typically takes place in month 2 or 3 of our coaching together.

Just-In-Time Email Coaching

You’ll have access to me in between our sessions during business hours for email coaching so that you can ask questions and get additional guidance whenever you need it (and always feel supported, never overwhelmed).


Customized Assessments + Plans

You’ll receive customized assessments and plans (such as my needs & values assessments and my business & marketing plan) that will supercharge your ability to quickly uncover and be confident in your path forward. 


Post-Session Notes & Recordings

You’ll get post-session follow-up notes and a recording of all of our sessions so that you don’t have to worry that you missed something during our sessions together (and can be fully relaxed and focused on getting the most out of our time together). 

Your Investment: $5,000 (payment plan is available).

I’ve been where you are now, and know how it feels.

From the outside looking in, I was successful. But the success I had on paper wasn’t translating within.  The demands of my practice, constant pressure to do more work in less time and long hours were taking a big toll on my mental and physical health.

And one day I realized that it was changing me into someone I didn’t much like.  That’s when I decided to create success from the inside-out on my own terms.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I was a partner and office practice leader in an AmLaw 100 law firm with a profitable and fulfilling book of business (that grew to over $2.5MM).  Most importantly I was happy. And I did all of that while having 2 kids, being on bed rest (twice), navigating the 2008 market crash, and battling breast cancer.

Now I help ambitious lawyers create a more profitable, fulfilling practice that’s balanced with a real life.  Because if I can do it, then so can you.

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Your Next Step to Personal & Professional Success On Your Own Terms

You have high standards.  So do I.  And we need to make certain this is the right fit for you.

Click the button below to fill out your application and schedule your no-obligation call to determine whether THRIVE High Performance Coaching & Consulting would be a good fit + get your questions answered. Please be sure to answer all questions and hit submit (otherwise, your appointment won’t be scheduled).

Have questions? Email me at to get your questions answered.

More Client Love

From Attorneys and Other Service Professionals

Heather will re-energize you both personally and professionally.

I came to Heather feeling stressed and overwhelmed from trying to juggle my current workload with the pressure to build more business. This stress created a vicious cycle of frustration, emotional reactivity and increased stress – and negatively impacted my work relationships.

Heather gave me the tools I needed to uncover my stress triggers, take control of my emotional responses and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure that I felt.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather understands the personal and professional challenges of high-achieving professionals.

She gave me the outside perspective I needed to more effectively organize my various ideas into actionable plans and accomplish my goals. 

Heather is very easy to talk to, and created a comfortable environment that put me at ease.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Heather taught me how to be my own coach, so that I can get from problem to solution on my own.

I came to her feeling unmotivated and without passion for my career, but now genuinely look forward to pursuing my professional goals.

Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

If you struggle to make decisions and overanalyze potential problems, Heather will put you on a fast-track out of that mindset.

I’m even putting in less hours, but am a better attorney and have more time for business development.

Somer H.

Senior Associate with, AmLaw 100 Law Firm

Work with Heather only if you want to effect real change to your life.

Heather is direct, supportive, action-oriented and results-driven.  She’s in pursuit of your deepest truth so that you can gain clarity about what’s truly important to you and then make the changes you want.  Anyone ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather. 

Miranda Holmes

Senior Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management