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How to Be Happier Now (VIDEO)


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Ever wonder how to be happier (or even what the heck happiness really is)? 

Here are 3 important lessons that I learned thanks to my battle with breast cancer about how to be happy in life (no matter what’s going on) while facing your fears and living without regrets.

How to Be Happier (Right Now)

8 years ago this past January I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.

Despite my age (I was only 37) and having no reason to suspect that cancer could hit (I was healthy and didn’t think that there was any family history), I knew that the lump I’d found was cancer.

The day I was notified I knew it was coming. . . even though I shouldn’t have been notified for at least one more day.  I woke up that morning just knowing.

Yet when I heard my doctor say “cancer”, it felt surreal. I felt like I was simultaneously being pushed under water (and drowning) yet was floating 10 feet in the air watching it all play out.

And I couldn’t help but think. . .

This isn’t real. It’s not really happening.

But it was.

That moment changed my life forever. In some ways, it gave me my life back.

How to Be Happier (No Matter What’s Going On In Your Life)

When you face death, your mind goes to strange places.

You realize that all the things you’ve been obsessing over and caring about aren’t all that important. And that what does matter are the things you keep saying you want to do yet don’t because of fear.

You also discover what’s really important in life.

Today I want to share the 3 most important lessons I learned from my breast cancer battle.  These lessons include:

1. What happiness really is (and how you can CHOOSE to be happy).  Every. Single. Day.

2. How to get comfortable with vulnerability, fear and all the so-called negative emotions that life brings your way.

3. How to overcome fear and live without regrets.

This video is just 10 minutes long.  If you’re thinking you don’t have time for it, I want you to reconsider (because you do).

You deserve to live a happier life. Don’t you think 10 minutes of your time is worth that?

How to Start Choosing to Be Happy

Choosing to be happy starts with your values.  Specifically, aligning your life around your core personal values.  And I have a free resource to help you with that.

Grab your copy of the Inner Compass Values Assessment, a 5-step guide to help you identify your core personal values (and precisely what they mean to you) and your next steps to aligning your life around them.  You’ll (1) have more clarity around what gives you purpose + meaning, (2) know your next steps for a happier, more fulfilling life, and (3) feel more confident and in control.

Get your copy here:



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