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How To Create Momentum and Stay Motivated (VIDEO)


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When working to achieve big goals, change habits and make changes to your life, you can’t expect yourself to always feel motivated.  It’s hard work (and normal to not always feel up to it).  Learn how to create momentum and stay motivated using the 5-Why Technique.

This is going to help you increase motivation from the beginning and stay motivated as you go – no matter how difficult it gets.  Because you need to connect to something deep within – that truly excites you – if you’re going to push through the tough times.

BONUS: you’ll also learn how to know when to reevaluate goals (because they might not be right for you).



How to Stay Motivated: Know Your Deep Why

Take this even further by downloading the Inner Compass Values Assessment. This powerful guide will help you uncover your personal values and your next steps for realigning around them, giving you (1) clarity about what excites + motivates you, (2) a clearer path forward that excites you, and (3) more confidence in your decisions.

Grab your copy of the Values Assessment here:



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