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Anyone who is ready for change and willing to try a new approach would get tremendous, life-changing benefits from working with Heather.

Miranda H.

Senior Managing Director, Wealth Management Firm

Heather helped me to realize that the solution to my problems was about identifying my priorities and aligning my decisions with them.  She helped me figure out how to fit the pieces of my life together in a cohesive manner that works.

Somer H.

Attorney, AmLaw 100 Law Firm

Coaching with Heather has helped me to feel much more grounded and aware of what I’m passionate about, what I need, and what I want for my life.  It’s given me a sense of freedom and made me more relaxed about the decisions that I make for myself.   

Pamela P.


Heather has helped me to review my thought process, be honest with myself, and start making decisions based on what is most important to me.   Working with her has empowered me to find a way to make my desired solutions come to life, which I didn’t previously believe was possible.

Amy L.

Marketing Director, Real Estate Management Company


Ready to unleash your self-confidence and make life (including your career) fun again?  Then you need Heather Moulder in your corner. . .

Described by her clients as simultaneously inspiring and results-driven, Heather is the creator of the Inside-Out Success Framework and helps driven professionals break free from stress + self-doubt while reigniting your career passion so that you can achieve higher levels of success (spending less time working, more time with family & friends).

Working with Heather has been known to bring in more than a 20x return of investment. . . while feeling calm, confident and in control (never stressed).

When not cooking a hearty, would-never-guess-it’s-gluten-free meal with her semi-stoic husband, you’ll often find Heather basking in the hot Texas sun cheering on her baseball-crazed, slightly mischievous boys.

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