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Achieve more while doing less (and make practicing law fun again).

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You chose to be a lawyer so that you could make a difference. And yet. . .

The pressure to deliver top-notch work and do more (fast) has taken a toll. You’re always on – no matter where you are.

Growing responsibilities and overlapping demands on your time have made practicing law more complicated.  It’s not just about practicing law any more!

You know that you should be taking better care of yourself (and worry that you might just lose it one day if you don’t), but you’re already too busy.

And how is it that the more you progress, the worse you feel (and less you trust your instincts)?  You can’t help but think that success means sacrificing (too much).  Yet you worry that balance means settling for less.

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What if instead you could. . .

  • let go of doing it all (and actually achieve more while doing less),
  • trust your instincts again, and
  • reconnect to the spark that made you want to practice law in the first place?

Here’s how I can help:

Inside-Out Success Coaching

High-level, personalized career + mindset coaching to help you regain your confidence and control of your career so that practicing law will be fun again.  You’ll do less while achieving more.

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Woman working, drinking coffee

Thrive Business Development 1-To-1 Coaching

Coaching & consulting from a lawyer coach who’s been in your shoes that’s customized to help you  become a better leader, build your book of business and make a bigger impact. . . without burning out.

Thrive Attorney Group Mastermind

A group mastermind designed to help you increase your clients, profits, and income without losing yourself in the process.  You’ll get the high-level support, guidance and accountability you need to build the legal practice you really want.

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I’ve been exactly where you are.

Everyone thought I had it all. From the outside looking in, I certainly had all the trappings of success. But I was struggling to get it all done and constantly felt worried and anxious from the chaos that was my life.

And one day, while driving home late one night crying (my main form of stress relief), it hit me. . .

The intense stress and anxiety I’d been under for so long was changing me into someone I didn’t much like. I knew that it was time to figure it all out.

Fast-forward several years, and I had made partner in an international law firm with my own book of business (that I eventually built to over $2.5M).  More importantly, I was happy and PROUD of who I was (as a person, attorney, mom and wife).

Here’s the thing: the secret to success comes from within. What you need is to: (1) REWIRE your mind for resilience + growth, (2) RECONNECT to what gives you purpose, and (3) REALIGN around your priorities.

And if I can do it, then so can you.

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