ELEVATE Attorney Business Mastermind

A VIP experience exclusively designed for partners, shareholders and of counsel ready to reach new levels of success while growing the law practice you actually want (without stress or overwhelm).

*Interviews begin in August 2022.

With Lawyer Leadership & Business Coach (And 18+ Year Lawyer) Heather Moulder

It’s About Exponentially Increasing Revenues…

The Mastermind far exceeded my expectations. The trust that quickly developed among the group was a critical element of the Mastermind. They helped me increase business by more than $200,000 (especially impressive given the COVID shutdown) while supporting me to start and follow through on a new side business.

If you’re ready to get to the next level without losing yourself in the process, join the Mastermind.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

Frustrated? Exhausted? Unsupported?

Overwhelmed by the need to serve your clients, manage your team AND continually grow your practice? Not sure how to stay on top of it all without totally burning out?

When it comes to growing and running a successful legal practice, there ARE no shortcuts. Which – of course – you already knew.

The problem? You’re too busy to even enjoy the practice of law, much less spend time on business development. And you lack support (the current market is no joke). And yet…

There’s ever-present pressure to grow your practice and the threat of a looming recession. And if you want to make more money, you must first increase originations.  But you’re not keen on sacrificing every waking hour to do it.



A world-class leadership & business development experience for savvy attorneys ready for more.

  • More clients
  • More originations + income
  • More support
  • More impact
  • More recognition
  • More balance + time
  • More of what you enjoy

But without all the stress, anxiety & overwhelm.



A world-class leadership & business development experience for savvy attorneys ready for more.

  • More clients
  • More originations + income
  • More support
  • More impact
  • More balance + time
  • More recognition
  • More of what you enjoy

But without all the stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

Why (& What The Heck Is) A Mastermind?

There’s a narrative around success that virtually every lawyer I know is taught to believe…

…Work hard enough and you’ll eventually succeed.


Working hard on the wrong things isn’t going to do you any good. Doubling your workload won’t double your business (although it will burn you out). And what got you here won’t get you to the next level (it’s time to think and do differently).

Thankfully, the formula for success isn’t rocket science. Do what works, drop what doesn’t and be consistent. It’s just that…

  • Building a legal practice (especially in the high-pressure, eat-what-you-kill law firm environment) is isolating.
  • You’re too close to your own practice to clearly see what’s got you stuck and what’s your best next step.
  • You need a simple strategy that enables you to both practice law and run your business without burning out.

What you need most is:

  • Unyielding support from peers you trust.
  • Creative problem-solving + expert strategy to keep you on track to reach your goals.
  • Supportive accountability so you don’t get stuck.

Basically, a mastermind.

I Knew I Could Help Other Lawyers After Hitting $2.5MM In Revenues (Built From Scratch After the 2008 Financial Crisis)

Hey there, I’m Heather Moulder.


Here’s what I know about you…

You have clients (or at least, plenty of work) & make decent money.

But you want more control of your practice and would like to make more too. Which requires you to grow your book of business.

You’re driven and willing to work.

But you often feel like you’re spinning your wheels without a clear game plan. You’re frustrated (maybe even a bit resentful) about how hard you work for other people’s clients. And you worry that one day your firm will decide being a great service partner isn’t enough.

You’re an ah-mazing technical lawyer.

But there’s more to practicing law than just advising your clients on legal matters. You wear a lot of hats law school never mentioned… marketer, salesman, manager, business strategist, and so on.

It’s time to embrace that you’re a BUSINESS OWNER (like I was forced to do)…

Picture of Heather on Couch

…January 2009, staring at my dismal collection numbers for the prior year, I worried I couldn’t even meet THOSE in the new one.

The small(ish) book of business I’d had when being promoted to partner the prior year had been *poof* wiped out by the 2008 financial crisis.

As a semi-introvert who doesn’t love to put herself out there, the thought of rebuilding from scratch – especially during a recession – was terrifying. But I knew that being a service partner with no control over my practice wasn’t going to cut it for me.

So, I created a simple business plan that leveraged my strengths (making client development easier and more fun). And tested sales techniques that felt good to me (none of that “send me business” pushiness).

Within 2 years, my origination revenues hit $1MM.

[Which grew to over $2.5MM within a few short years thereafter… while navigating maternity leave (and bed rest!) for my 2nd child + a battle with breast cancer].

It’s About Strategy…

Heather and the mastermind group were the perfect combination that provided me with a life raft to calm my mind and think strategically through the COVID shutdown.

The group especially helped give me perspective. I’ve always believed I needed to figure everything out on my own, but know now that’s not true.

If you want strategic legal career advice and accountability, join the mastermind.


Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

What Happens When You ELEVATE Your Leadership & Your Strategy?

Image of the Number 1

Achieve More Doing Less

Stop the scattered approach that’s wasting your time. Instead develop a strategic plan that leverages your strengths. So you can enjoy yourself more, be consistent and adequately measure your ROI (and get real results).

Image of the number 2

Confidently Sell

Asking for business doesn’t have to feel awkward or salesy. Discover how to ask authentically and feel good about selling (and stop feeling frustrated that work you didn’t ask for – but could have – was sent to a rival firm).

Image of Number 3

Be Supported

It’s difficult to be 100% open with colleagues and hard to find mentors with the right experience you trust. Be fully supported by like-minded attorneys who always have your back and an expert who’s been there (and prevailed).

Image of the number 4

Improve Leadership

Great leaders are open to fresh perspectives & creative thinking, which is what a mastermind is all about. And this experience will also give you the edge you need to create new habits and improve your leadership style.

It’s About Reenergizing Yourself & Your Practice…

I used to feel overwhelmed by my workload and the pressure to build more business. Heather helped me simplify things and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure I felt. This experience gave me space to think out loud without fear of judgment while also challenging me to rethink (and then refocus on) what’s most important.

I increased my book of business by $100,000 and am maximizing my effectiveness as a manager and leader. Work with Heather if you want to be reenergized professionally while growing your business.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Bell, Nunnally & Martin LLP

ELEVATE Attorney Business Mastermind

The Details

To-Do List

Pre-Meeting Business Development + Marketing Assessment

According to clients, this assessment is the KEY to uncovering the exact right strategies for:

  • Leveraging your strengths (& simplifying).
  • Staying consistent.
  • Having fun.

1-1 Strategy Sessions With Heather

Get 6+ months of private support from Heather to create your customized business plan and take consistent, focused action on that plan.

These strategy calls are your lifeline to swiftly uncovering the right answers for you and your practice, not getting stuck in self-doubt and achieving what you want (more quickly).

  • 90-Minute Deep-Dive Kickoff Strategy Session to clarify your goals & customize your strategies.
  • Six monthly private calls with Heather to help you work through internal roadblocks & get the expert strategic guidance you need to reach your goals.
Picture of Heather Smiling Drinking Coffee
Picture of tea

Group Mastermind Calls

Twice monthly (for a total of 12) virtual group calls led by Heather with your group for creative brainstorming, strategic support and focused accountability.

So that you stay on target to meet your goals and enjoy the process of growing your practice.

*Mastermind members are curated to complement one another’s personality, strengths and goals.

Private VIP Support

Breakthroughs don’t come according to a set schedule and emergencies come up on the fly. You’ll have VIP email access to Heather for guidance and support when everyday challenges arise.

Reach out to Heather via email and hear back within 24-48 business hours.

Heather smiling while working

ELEVATE Attorney Business Mastermind

Unparalleled support. Superior results. An experience to define you.

Your investment: $3,500

It’s About Transformation…

The year before I joined Heather’s Mastermind, I started my solo practice and was struggling with how to grow my client base, manage clients and stay on top of the finance side of things all at once.

Presenting my ideas to the group – and the feedback I received – helped sharpen my ideas and bolstered my confidence. They reflected my strengths back to me, giving me insight into how my clients see me and how to be a more valuable asset to them. And Heather helped me assemble the jigsaw puzzle of my thoughts in a way that made sense so that I can put them into practice.

Thanks to this experience, I’m on track to reach (even exceed) my stretch revenue goal and have confidence in my ability to run a business.

The mastermind is a necessary endeavor for learning who you really are as a professional. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

Keron Wright

Managing Partner, Wright Legal Services PLLC

It’s About Taking Control…

Heather’s cut-to-the-chase, no nonsense approach plus the support of my group helped me quickly get to the root of why I was struggling (not just address symptoms) and act on my outside-of-the-box ideas.

I’m finally in control of my practice, doing more of what I love to do (which doesn’t even feel like work)!

Monica Narvaez

Partner, McKim Legal

It’s About Confidence & Consistency…

The business development intimidation factor that had been holding me back has been eliminated. Business development is no longer an ambiguous concept or theory, but consists of real-world strategies that I can implement immediately.

As a result, I’m more consistent and actually enjoy business development. I now realize that I’d been sidelining myself assuming that I didn’t have time for proper business development. And that small habits can create big changes.

You’ll be challenged but you’ll see real results if you put in the work.


Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

Your next steps:

**Participants are curated to fit the specific group being put together.

***Interview does not guarantee your acceptance to ELEVATE.

Please fill out the application in full to be considered for a spot within ELEVATE.

ELEVATE is an application + interview VIP experience.

Your next steps:

**Participants are curated to fit the specific group being put together.

***Interview does not guarantee your acceptance to ELEVATE.

Please fill out the application in full to be considered for a spot within ELEVATE.

ELEVATE is an application + interview VIP experience.

Got Questions? Here are answers to the most common questions…

How Big Is The Time Commitment (I'm Already So Busy)?

I’m known for my blunt honesty, and so here’s the truth…

Your business won’t grow by itself. And it certaintly won’t be the practice you really want without putting some time and effort into it.

The more time you put in the more you’ll get out of your investment.

But please note: you’ll be building the foundational skills and habits you need that will save you time and energy in the future. And it won’t take up nearly as much time as you think.

Group mastermind meetings last about 90 minutes each. And you choose how much time outside of that to put into client development (which will vary based on your strategies, circumstances and goals). 

But note: we’ll pick strategies that suit your strengths + personality (and will only have a couple), which will simplify your efforts, save you time and make it more fun.

Why a 6-month commitment?

Making big changes (to your habits, your life and your practice) don’t just happen overnight. This is the minimum time needed to create habits and start seeing real results from your efforts. In all honesty, it could be longer (12 months).

What Results Can I Expect?

While I can’t guarantee specific results, I’m 100% committed to you and will always bring my best to our coaching.

The truth is that there’s no magic bullet. Your results are dependent on your willingness to be 100% open and honest, and the work you put in.

How Do Mastermind Meetings Work? What If I Need To Miss One?

I’ve been there, so understand how hard it is to commit to regular meetings. Clients spring new emergencies on you daily. But I do expect you to show up to 90% of your mastermind meetings (and to let me know well ahead of time if you cannot make one).

Masterminds work incredibly well so long as all members attend regularly. We’ll set up a regular time/date that works for everyone at the outset so that you can block off that time and guard it as if your practice depends upon it (because it does).

What's Your Refund Policy?

You’re committing to serve the other members of your group. This also affects how many spots are available. For these reasons, there are no refunds for ELEVATE once you’ve joined the mastermind (other than if I cancel, as set forth in your coaching agreement).

No one has ever requested a refund and I don’t expect you to. That’s why we must chat first. It will allow:

  • Me determine whether (and how) I can help you,
  • You to get your questions answered, and
  • Both of us to determine whether this would be a fit.
Is This Right For Me If I'm Not Sure About Staying In Private Practice?

If you’re at the point where you’re not sure that you want to stay in private practice (or even the legal profession) or are too burned out to know what you want, Inside-Out Success Coaching is perfect for you (NOT my business coaching or masterminds). Go here for more about Inside-Out Success Coaching.

What About Confidentiality (Especially If My Employer Pays)?

I take my clients’ privacy and confidentiality seriously, and am subject to the ICF Code of Ethics (which can be found here).

Before we begin working together, we’ll sign a coaching agreement that contains specific provisions around confidentiality (that will apply to our arrangement regardless of who pays).

Still have unanswered questions? Email me at heather@heathermoulder.com.

The truth is…

You chose to be a lawyer for a reason. Creating the practice you really want – on your own terms – is THE path to making the impact you wanted. For your clients, your family and yourself.

And although you could do it on your own, going solo hasn’t yet gotten you where you wanted to be (otherwise you wouldn’t be here). What will get you there?

  • A simple plan that leverages your strengths and makes building your practice fun,
  • Plus strategic support from an expert who’s been there (and prevailed),
  • Plus backing and accountability from colleagues you trust on a similar path.

Having this type of strategy and support might not sound all that exciting but it’s the BEST way to get to the next level without burning out.

Which leaves you with 3 options…

(1) Continue on as-is, risking that you’ll stay stuck and continue to waste valuable time + energy (while never seeing the results you want).

(2) Invest a ton of time and energy putting together your own strategy (while cobbling together a network of supporters you think might help), hoping you’ll figure out the missing piece before burning out.

(3) Avoid common traps and get to your next level of success more quickly with the help of an expert + your curated mastermind group.

If you’re ready to elevate your leadership, impact and income on your terms, and #3 is calling out to you. . .

…then I’d be thrilled to help you get to that next level (and beyond) with confidence, grace and ease.

I can’t wait to celebrate your skyrocketing success + impact with you.