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Heather Moulder, J.D. | Career + Practice Development Coaching for Attorneys

You chose your career for a reason (there was purpose + passion behind it).  And you want to be successful.

But the demands of your legal practice are weighing you down.  You didn’t realize you’d be wearing so many hats. . . strategic advisor, business consultant, marketing specialist, sales person, team manager, leader, [and the list just goes on].

Stress and overwhelm feel like the norm, and you worry about its long-term impact on your health and relationships.  Especially since you tend to just push through it.

If you’re being honest, you’ve lost at least some of the passion you once felt for your career.

Yet you’re not sure where to even begin to fix things (and seriously doubt that balance is really possible).

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The thing is. . .

  • You can’t be all things to all people,

  • You don’t have to do it all, and

  • You don’t have to stay trapped on a path that’s not your own.

Success doesn’t even require those things.  And you have a choice

The formula for success is about taking simple, intentional action on a consistent basis.  Something you absolutely can do.

It’s time to take back control of your personal and professional future by creating a simple success path on YOUR terms.  A path that’s sustainable.  Where you stop following what everyone else does and instead leverage your unique strengths while building a practice that aligns perfectly with what YOU value.

So that you can make a bigger impact, grow your profits and start having fun again.

And I can help you do that.

Hey there, I’m Heather.

I’m a former partner of an AmLaw 100 firm, where I practiced corporate finance law (for over 18 years) and built a profitable legal practice (to over $2.5MM) that was balanced with a real life.  All while. . .

  • having two kids (and 2 bouts of bed rest!),
  • navigating the 2008 economic meltdown, and
  • battling an aggressive breast cancer.

If I can do it, so can you.

After my breast cancer battle, I felt called to use my gifts to serve people in a different capacity, and now help ambitious attorneys and other professionals create success from the inside-out.

And I’d love to help you.

“Heather understands the challenges of high-achieving attorneys and business owners (both in their business and their personal lives).

Heather is non-judgmental, easy to talk to and puts me at ease. She challenges me to see situations (and my own actions) in new ways so that I can continually improve myself and my results. Coaching with Heather has helped me to stay focused and quickly organize my ideas into actionable plans so that I can effectively accomplish my goals.”

Jim Chester, Partner at Klemchuk LLP

THRIVE Mastermind for Attorneys

For a More Profitable Practice + a Real Life

A high-level mastermind for attorneys ready to create a simple success path on YOUR terms that allows you to sustainably grow your practice while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

So that you can make a bigger impact, grow your profits and start having fun again.

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THRIVE 1:1 Coaching

Build a Profitable Practice + a Balanced Life

High-level, one-to-one coaching & consulting customized specifically to and for you.  This is a minimum 6-month commitment for attorneys who DARE to go after what you want, both personally and professionally.

We’ll combine my 3-part framework for creating inside-out success with a new, simple business and marketing plan that’s perfectly aligned with what YOU want.

Bottom line: more clients (and profits!), more balance, more fun.

“Heather’s in the right business. She’s insightful and astute.

Heather has helped me become more self-aware, to re-frame my thoughts and adjust plans so that I can take the right actions to effectively reach my goals. She’s generally a supporting presence (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic).”

Sabrina McTopy, Partner at Jackson Walker LLP

“If you’re one who agonizes over the same issues again and again, Heather will put you on a fast-track out of that mindset.

I now know what I want, am confident in my decisions and finally feel content in life. I’ve even increased my opportunities at work while putting in less hours at the office.”

Somer Hayes, Associate at Greenberg Traurig

“Heather taught me how to solve even the toughest of problems on my own.

When I first started working with Heather, I had lost the passion and drive I once had for my work. I didn’t perceive that I was living a meaningful life. Coaching with Heather taught me how to ask myself the right questions to go from problem to solution and also gave me the confidence to effectively communicate why I was the best fit for a big promotion at work. I’m now genuinely looking forward to how my future plays out.”

Katherine Reid, Parter at Rochelle McCullough

“How to best describe Heather? Perceptive. No-nonsense. Compassionate. She’ll re-energize you personally and professionally!

I came to Heather feeling stressed and overwhelmed from trying to juggle my current workload with the pressure to build more business. This stress created a vicious cycle of frustration, emotional reactivity and increased stress (which negatively impacted my work relationships).  Heather gave me the tools I needed to uncover my stress triggers, take control of my emotional responses and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure I felt.”

Roxanne Edwards, Partner at Klemchuk, LLP

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