Grow the legal practice you actually want inside of…


…without having to use uncomfortable sales tactics or time-consuming strategies (that barely even work).

A 6-Month Business Mastermind Exclusively Designed For Partners, Shareholder & Of Counsel Ready To Elevate Your Practice (But Not Stress Levels)

With Lawyer Success Coach (And 18+ Year Lawyer)

Heather Moulder


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The Mastermind far exceeded my expectations.  I went in with the goal to increase my book of business by around $200,000. With the help of Heather and my mastermind group, I identified a better course of action to achieve my goals and pivoted in a new, radical direction.

Not only did I achieve my revenue goal, but the group helped me evaluate whether I wanted to start a new side business I’d long thought about and then supported me to follow through. The trust that quickly developed among my group was a critical element of the program.

If you’re ready to do the work to get to the next level, join the Mastermind. It’ll help you get there without losing yourself in the process.

Jim Chester

Partner, Klemchuk LLP

If you could increase your revenues using just a couple of simple strategies

(that barely even feel like work)

and consistently ask for business

(in a way that feels 100% you)…

…Would you give yourself that chance?

Or would you keep on. . .

🚫Haphazardly cobbling together the varying marketing & sales tactics of your peers that – just 3 months into the year – you’ve already given up on.

🚫Going to networking events without much of a plan (and nothing to show for it, other than all those business cards collecting dust inside your desk drawer).

🚫Setting big origination goals (that your firm insists you should meet) only to feel overwhelmed by the lack of a real strategy… and miss them (again).

🚫Feeling frustrated about the new case a client sent to a rival firm (that you could have asked for but didn’t).

Then I’ve got good news…

You CAN consistently increase your business + sell with ease.

Without spending a lot of time on it or feeling awkward when selling.

Even if you think that you’re an introvert.

You just don’t have a strategic, strengths-based plan yet (that utilizes your unique sales personality).


inside of the Elevate business mastermind. . .

you’ll uncover your unique sales personality + create a simple, strengths-based business development plan that’s easy – even enjoyable – to take action on.

I knew that I could help other lawyers hit $2.5MM if I could do it navigating my way through bed rest & breast cancer.

[a/k/a Why Work With This Recovering Lawyer Turned Executive Coach]

Hey there, I’m Heather Moulder.

Attorney. Cancer Survivor. Host of the Life & Law Podcast.

Here’s what I know about you…

You get your clients the results they want (and more!), but being an ah-mazing lawyer has very little to do with elevating your practice.

The fact is this: Lawyers aren’t just legal advisors. You’re expected to fill a lot of roles law school never mentioned, such as: marketer, salesman, leader, business strategist and so on.

This is something most attorneys don’t embrace unless forced to (like I was)…

…January 2009, staring at my dismal collection numbers for the prior year, I worried I couldn’t even meet THOSE in the new one.

The small(ish) book of business I’d had when being promoted to partner the prior year had been *poof* wiped out by the 2008 financial crisis. That’s when I accepted my role as a business owner.

Picture of Heather

As a semi-introvert who doesn’t love to put herself out there, the thought of building new relationships, pivoting my practice and rebuilding from scratch was terrifying. And so. . .

I simplified my business plan, utilized my strengths, and prioritized consistency. And tested softer sales techniques that felt good to me (none of that “you need to send me business” pushiness).

It worked!

Within 2 years, my origination revenues hit $1MM.

[Which I grew to over $2.5MM – even while navigating maternity leave (and bed rest!) for my 2nd child and an 8-month battle with an aggressive breast cancer).


I’ve always believed I needed to figure everything out on my own, but learned through the mastermind that’s not true.

Heather and the mastermind group were the perfect life raft amid the COVID shutdown that calmed my mind and enabled me to think more strategically.  They gave me the fresh perspective that I needed.

If you want strategic legal career advice and accountability, join the mastermind.

Sabrina McTopy

Partner, Jackson Walker LLP

4 Reasons To Elevate


1. Stop Stressing, Simplify.

Emerge as someone who no longer wastes your time aimlessly mirroring the practices of your peers but instead takes consistent action on just a couple of strategies that leverage your strengths. The result is increased revenues while working less (and thoroughly enjoying business development instead of regarding it as a necessary evil you rarely get to).

3. Create Real Balance.

You don’t have to give your life over to your firm to elevate your business, but you do need to take consistent action on your plan (without getting sidetracked). A critical element to staying focused and balanced is to have trusted peers and mentors (that are or have been on a similar journey) that will help you problem-solve and keep you focused on what’s important.

2. Sell With Confidence.

Selling isn’t one-size-fits-all (and hounding clients for business doesn’t work as well as the partner down the hall would have you believe). Uncover your unique sales personality so that you can stop stressing over how to ask for business and instead comfortably sell in a way that aligns to your personality + strengths (without ever being pushy or salesy).

4. Fulfill Your Potential.

Great leaders are open to fresh perspectives and allow for honest reflection (it’s what uncovers the best possible course of action). And that’s what a mastermind is all about. You’ll KNOW that you’ve come up with the right answers, act more boldly and BE the leader you’re meant to be. Which means making a more meaningful impact at work, home and within your community.


I used to feel overwhelmed by my workload and the pressure to build more business. Working with Heather enabled me to simplify things and let go of the (mostly self-imposed) pressure to build business.

And it gave me space to think out loud without fear of judgment while also challenging me to rethink (and then refocus on) what’s most important. This has been invaluable. I increased my book of business by $100,000 and am maximizing my effectiveness as a manager and leader.

Work with Heather if you want to be reenergized professionally while growing your business.

Roxanne Edwards

Partner, Bell, Nunnally & Martin LLP

Elevate Your Practice, Revenues & Income

(Not Your Stress Levels)



Pre-Meeting Business Development Assessment

My clients rave about the deep insights this assessment unlocks that transforms the business development hustle-and-grind into something that’s enjoyable (and easy to stay consistent with). And it gives me background information to customize coaching specifically to your personality, needs and strengths.

1-To-1 Kickoff Strategy Session

In this 90-minute strategy session (that takes place the month before the mastermind officially kicks off), we’ll dive deep into your business to uncover what YOU want, including the things you don’t dare say out loud. And we’ll unlock how to leverage your business development strengths. You’ll leave with goals that create maximum impact + a customized business development plan that’s easy (even enjoyable) to implement.

Twice Per Month Mastermind Meetings

You’ll meet twice per month to brainstorm with, receive support from and be held accountable by your mastermind group and coach (me!). Members are specially curated to complement your personality, goals and strengths so that you don’t just stay on track to meet, but instead exceed your biggest goals.


Picture of Heather Moulder

1-to-1 Instant Laser Coaching

Breakthroughs don’t come according to a set schedule. And emergencies come up (that you’d love to run by an expert who’s been in your shoes).

That’s why I’m offering twice per month laser coaching, available within 48 business hours of your request.

These are your lifeline to quickly uncovering the answer you KNOW is right for you and your practice (so that you don’t get stuck in self-doubt and second-guessing).



Bonus #1: Customized Step-By-Step Guidance

Every month I’ll deliver a short (5-10 minute) video training that’s custom-designed for you to continue your momentum. This way you’ll always know what to be doing, when (instead of needlessly spinning your wheels, uncertain about what to do next).

Bonus #2: (Almost) Instant Email Support

Sometimes you just need to get a quick question answered, want to celebrate or desire a bit of encouragement (before going into a sales pitch) without having to get on the phone. Which is why you’ll have access to me during business hours for just-in-time email coaching. Ask any question, and I’ll get back to you same-day.


Bonus #3: Immediate Access To Success Mindset Mastery Trainings

Tap into my library of online success mindset workshops to learn how to master your inner critic and release fear, worry and self-doubt so that you can confidently speak out (within your firm and industry) and be the leader you’re meant to be.


Through the Mastermind, I discovered that I’d been sidelining myself assuming that I didn’t have time for proper business development. And that small habits can create big changes.

The intimidation factor that had been holding me back has been eliminated. By learning how to align my business development methods to my personality, I’m able to be consistent and actually enjoy it.

The group setting was, hands down, the BEST thing about the Mastermind. Working through challenges in a collective problem-solving format was truly invaluable.  You will be challenged. But you will have the support of the group and will see real results if you put the work in.

I recommend the Mastermind to any lawyer that wants to maximize long-term business development, especially those that want a better balance between long-term growth and current work.

Kathryn Reid

Partner, Rochelle McCullough

My individual business clients pay a minimum of $5,000 to work with me (for just 6 months).

Within Elevate you’ll get 7 months of my attention (the first month to customize your business development plan + 6 months of masterminding/coaching).  And you’ll also get fellow rockstar mastermind members to collaborate with, receive support + guidance from, and challenge you to be your absolute best.

For an investment of $3,500.

Ready To Elevate Your Practice, Revenues & Income With Simplicity And Ease?


Get The Personalized Support + Expert Strategy You Deserve…

[Spots are limited and participants are hand-picked for a perfect fit, so. . . don’t wait, book your call NOW.]

Got Questions? Here are the answers to the most common questions attorneys have before saying “I’m in!” to Elevate:

What's the Time Commitment (I'm Already So Busy)?

We’ll meet twice per month for 90 minutes (plus hold an initial 1:1 90-minute strategy session). But there WILL be more to it than that. Because your practice won’t grow by itself.

As with most things, the more you put in the more you’ll get out of your investment. And note: you’ll also be building foundational blocks that will save you time in the future + won’t waste time overthinking or practicing random acts of marketing (that go nowhere).

The good news is that, once you build your foundation, client development need not be time intensive. I recommend investing 1-2 hours per week into client development. Past participants have blocked this time off in one large weekly chunk or sprinkled it out throughout the week in smaller batches (we’ll work together to figure out what works best for you).

Do I Need To Attend Every Mastermind Meeting? What If Something Comes Up?

I’ve been there, so understand how hard it is to commit to regular meetings. Clients spring new emergencies on you daily. But I do expect you to show up to 90% of our meetings (and to let me know well ahead of time if you cannot make one).

Masterminds work incredibly well so long as all members attend regularly. We’ll set up a regular time/date that works for everyone at the outset so that you can block off that time and guard it as if your practice depends upon it (because it does).

What's The Process For How This Works?

After talking, if we both determine to move forward, you’ll receive an invoice and coaching contract. Once you’ve paid and signed your contract, we’ll get started with the Business Development & Marketing Assessment and schedule your 1:1 Kick-Off Strategy Session.

Based on your assessment and the strategy session, we’ll clarify your business goals and craft your unique business development plan.

Thereafter, you’ll meet online (via Zoom) with your mastermind group twice per month on a regular schedule agreed to by the group.

The format of each mastermind session will allow for each member to bring one specific issue to brainstorm and get help around. That’s where you’ll receive help, support and accountability (and will also give the same to everyone else).

As you progress, you can reach out to me for email coaching (as needed) and schedule your 2 laser coaching calls per month (also, as needed).

What Results Can I Expect?

While I can’t guarantee specific results, I’m 100% committed to you and will always bring my best to our coaching and mastermind sessions.

The truth is that there’s no magic bullet. Your results are dependent on your willingness to be 100% open and honest, and the work you put in

That being said, most clients begin to experience real results quickly (after all, the Kick-Off Strategy Session will help you clarify what you want + how to make it happen in a way you’ve never had before). It’s also not uncommon to experience big changes after only a couple of mastermind meetings.

Why is this a minimum 6-month commitment?

Business development doesn’t happen overnight. And you don’t just create new habits within a few weeks (or even month).

You need time to dig in, learn and pivot. That’s what this time frame allows for.

What's Your Refund Policy?

When you join Elevate, you’re committing to involve yourself full-out. And that means that you’re not just committing to serve yourself but to serve the other members of your group. This also affects how many spots are available.

For these reasons, there are no refunds (other than if I cancel, as set forth in your coaching agreement).

This is why there’s an application process that includes a 1:1 chat to determine whether you’re a fit for Elevate. If you have questions about whether Elevate is right for you, reach out to me at

What About Confidentiality (Especially If My Employer Pays)?

I take my clients’ privacy and confidentiality seriously, and am subject to the ICF Code of Ethics (which can be found here).

Before we begin working together, we’ll sign a coaching agreement that contains specific provisions around confidentiality (that will apply to our arrangement regardless of who pays).

I’m doing more of what I love to do, which doesn’t even feel like work.

I’m a labor and employment lawyer with a skill set that puts me directly in competition with HR consultants. When I came to Heather, I was struggling with how to build my practice around what I do well (and enjoy) while justifying law firm rates.

I now have a simple plan and finally feel in control of my practice.

Monica Narvaez

Partner, McKim Legal

Make No Mistake:

You chose this profession for a reason. There was a deep purpose (dare I say, passion) behind it. Because you wanted to make a meaningful impact.

And your path to making that impact is to keep things simple (while using your strengths).

Growing your business requires consistency. And you’ve got to actually ask for business. Which means that you need to feel comfortable – even enjoy it (otherwise you won’t do it).

Using just a couple of proven strategies that leverage your strengths + uncover your unique sales personality might not sound exciting but they’re the ONLY reliable way to consistently grow your practice with total ease (which, to me, DOES sound exciting).

Which leaves you with 3 choices. . .

(1) Continue cobbling together the varying strategies of your peers, hoping one will finally lead to a growing practice with clients that are a good fit (before you collapse from exhaustion).

(2) Invest a ton of time to once-and-for-all figure it out on your own, risking that you’ll get stuck in common business development pitfalls (that waste time + money).

(3) Follow a simple, proven system while getting the support you need to avoid common traps so that you can grow your book of business consistently and with ease (and more quickly).

If you want to elevate your revenues, leadership and impact within the next 6 months, and #3 is calling out to you. . .

…then I’d be thrilled to help get to that next level (and beyond) with confidence, grace and ease.

I can’t wait to celebrate your skyrocketing success + impact with you.


No More Guessing As To Which Random Acts Of Marketing Might Work


[Participants are hand-picked and spots are limited.]