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for Inside-Out Success On Your Terms

Part 1: Setting Purpose-Based Goals that Excite and Motivate You

Setting goals the right way is supremely important.  It’s the foundation to successfully achieving your goals and being happy with your success (and your journey there).

The videos will remain available until February 17th, so please take this at your own speed.

Before getting started, download the accompanying Workbook (see the button below the video), print it out and have it handy.

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Part 2: Blueprint for Successful Goal Achievement

In Part 2, you’ll learn my 5-part blueprint for successful goal achievement.  This isn’t just about scheduling (and then doing) various tasks.  Yes, that’s part of it but there’s SO MUCH MORE because you need to cultivate good habits, learn as you go (and leverage that learning!) and stay motivated + focused.

Before getting started, be sure to:

  • gather all your notes + work done in Part 1 (you’ll need it), and
  • download and print out your Workbook for Part 2 (see the button below the video).

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Save the Date for LIVE Q&A + Coaching

Get all your questions answered and receive free coaching in the LIVE Q&A at 5:30 pm CST / 6:30 pm EST on January 29th.  More details will soon follow.

Additional Resources Mentioned in Part 2 of the Workshop

Creating/Replacing Habits

For spot-on information and guidance (that’s free) about how to create and replace habits, go here.  There are numerous article links to help you here.  I also recommend his book (Atomic Habits) as well as The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  I’m not an affiliate for either of these guys (just think they have great information that will help you).

Cultivating a Growth-Oriented, Success Mindset

To help increase awareness around your thoughts, change how you think and develop a success mindset, read:

20 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally, and pay special attention to:

  • #3 Simple Meditation
  • #4 Journaling
  • #8 Cognitive Re-framing
  • #9 Gratitude
  • #20 Self-Affirmations

How to Avoid Stress (5 Unusual Stress-Management Strategies). Look at #5, which has more on cognitive re-framing.

How to Decrease Stress and Anxiety Through Mindfulness (title kind of says it all)

How to Begin Feeling More Self-Confident After Failing (and learn how to adopt a fail-forward mentality).

7 Effective Tools for Building Self-Confidence and Taking Control of Your Life (learn tools for challenging + facing your doubts and fears so that you can act despite them).

I know this looks like a lot, but honestly all of these strategies are simple.  And I’m happy to help you through any questions you have on these in the LIVE Q&A (so be sure to mark your calendar and attend!).